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Resettlement success

Jonathan S
Forces: RAF

Jonathan S - Cpl

“It is easy to get a job; it is however hard work to get the new career you really want. If you put the hard work in, you will be rewarded.”

Jonathan Stuart left the RAF in March 2017, having served for 13 years as a Trainer in the Logistics (Supply) trade. Jonathan left in the rank of Corporal and during his time in the service, gained a degree in Leadership and Management, and qualifications in Health and Safety. His various roles during his military career were always centred on quality assurance and attention to detail for air safety purposes. Regarding his reason for leaving the forces, Jonathan said, “I had a very enjoyable career in the RAF but I felt there was not anything more I could achieve and it was the right time to pursue new challenges. I wanted to settle in my own house with my family and not have to move around anymore or go away on deployments.”

Jonathan’s Resettlement Journey

Prior to leaving the RAF, Jonathan attended a Career Transition Workshop (CTW) at RC Northolt. He found the opportunity to share, dissect and rework his CV, and learn the importance of building an effective network the most valuable aspects of the workshop. “I met some really motivated and encouraging Service leavers at my CTW and it was great to listen to their plans. I am still in contact with some of them and they are doing very well in their new careers, which certainly gave me a driving force to ensure I worked hard to create my own opportunities.”

To add to portfolio of Health and Safety qualifications, Jon undertook the NEBOSH General Health & Safety, Construction and Fire Risk Management courses using his IRTC grant as part of his resettlement training at RRC Aldershot. One of Jonathan’s priorities was to keep his qualifications as up-to-date as possible, as they are ‘seen has the absolute minimum to work in the Health & Safety industry’.

During his resettlement, Jonathan received support from his Career Consultant, who regularly reviewed his CV and provided him with advice and guidance whenever he had an interview. Jonathan also took advantage of CTP’s job-finding site, RightJob, which he found to be an incredibly useful tool that showcased the extensive career opportunities and available employers for Service leavers.

Finally, Jonathan used his personal area of the CTP website, myPlan, to help him stay organised and in control throughout his resettlement journey. “MyPlan was an extremely useful outlet for me; it ensured I was preparing myself in the best possible way to enable me to seize opportunities that presented themselves”.

Moving on from the Military

Jonathan now works as an Assurance Support Manager for the King’s College London, and has been in the role since March 2017. He applied directly for the role through their website. Using the tools he learnt in his CTW about translating his military skills and qualifications into those a civilian employer would understand, he was able to go into detail about his previous experiences. At his interview, he had to give a 10 minute presentation to a panel and answer competency-based questions.

As an Assurance Support Manager, Jonathan is part of the Fire Assurance team within the Operational Assurance Services. He provides a competent service to the Directorate of Estates and Facilities in Fire Risk Management. His role involves developing and implementing Building Fire Strategies, conducting Fire Risk Assessments, and conducts audits to ensure the compliance to legislation. Additionally, he provides technical guidance to Project Managers and other stakeholders, conducts tool box talks and monitors commissioning and handover documents in relation to life safety systems across the University. On what aspects of military life Jonathan now uses in this career, he said:

“The core values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence (RISE) of the RAF that was a part of me for my service career, transfers to my job now completely. My role involves meeting a lot of people every day, spread over a multi-site organisation in London and providing advice to complex queries and delivering on our objectives.

“To maintain those relationships and objectives is a difficult task, but as the core values are a part of everything I do, it ensures I’m respectful to both others and myself, honest and open, I always put in maximum effort to deliver and ensure my work is of the best of my ability.”

Advice to others

Jonathan’s advice to other Service leavers is to use every opportunity the CTP and your Line Manager gives you to ensure you are fully prepared in achieving the career path you want, and to not expect everything to be handed on a plate. Use your resettlement time wisely as it will soon disappear, research the industry and role you want to do, understand the qualifications and experiences needed and reach out to individuals in that industry to see if they can provide help and assistance for you to achieve your goal.

“It is easy to get a job; it is however hard work to get the new career you really want. If you put the hard work in, you will be rewarded.”

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