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Starting your resettlement

Successful resettlement requires a plan with clear aims, effective networking and good labour market intelligence. It can also help to acquire extra skills or gain qualifications that consolidate those you already have. The CTP offers impartial and unbiased advice, guidance and up-to-date information to help you to navigate throughout your transition and support your decision-making and career choices, regardless of rank, background or length of service.

Tri-Service resettlement policy changed on 20 May 22 (2022DIN01-052) to ensure all Service leavers (Sls) are now mandatorily registered for CTP services during their resettlement period. This is in recognition that access to resettlement is a key part of ‘The Offer’ and military Terms and Conditions of Service. In accordance with UK GDPR legislation Sls retain the right to opt-out of CTP Services by informing their CTP career consultant.

All Service leavers, regardless of reason for discharge (contract end, notice to terminate, medical discharge or compulsory discharge). have access to the full resettlement entitlements they are eligible to receive, dependent on time served, so they can undertake resettlement training to re-skill for a new career.

The categories for eligibility below, provide information on what is available. Please speak with your Service Resettlement Advisor (SRA) to find out what your entitlement is. Please also refer to JSP 534 – The Tri-Service Resettlement and Employment Support Manual Part 1: Directive and Part 2: Guidance on this website.

What’s available during your resettlement?

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Success stories

“There is life after the services. You are a useful asset and can bring a lot of life skills and experience to any profession. Make use of the life skills that you have.”

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