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CTP Assist


Welcome to CTP Assist, launched in 2015, our programme supports some military personnel who are deemed to have the most significant barriers into employment and are being medically discharged. All our referrals come via the Chain of Command. Once referred the support from CTP assist can be available for up to 2 years post discharge should the client need it. Our Team of Specialist Employment Consultants (SECs) are based across the UK in Personnel Recovery Units (PRUs) mixed with working remotely to meet the needs of our clients in the current climate.

Here are our SEC locations.

Scotland, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Chilwell, South West, Plymouth, North West, Preston, Wales, Brecon, London and Colchester

South East, High Wycombe, West Midlands, Telford, South West, Tidworth, South East, Aldershot, North East, Catterick, Northern Ireland


CTP Assist specifically helps personnel who have the greatest need for extra employment support according to their medical condition. Our aim is to support, advise and guide each of our clients to achieve their realistic preferred vocational outcome, whether that be part time employment, full time employment, volunteering, education or retirement.

We aim to empower, motivate and inspire those we work with to find a future outcome that works for each individual client – whatever challenges they may face.

The activities each client undertakes in planning their future must be driven by them and we are here to provide empathy, expert advice and guidance, and work with you as a team, providing honest and realistic guidance and recommendations. Engagement from each client with their Specialist Employment Consultant (SEC) and all the online tools available to them, where possible, is key to the support being successful.

Our team of Specialist Employment Consultants (SECs) want to understand what you would like to do, what you ‘can’ do, what you cannot yet do, and where you feel you require further support.

We work closely with our Employer Engagement Team to try and source individual opportunities to support each client, where possible.


Your SEC is here to provide advice, guidance and support in your journey. You are the driver of your journey.


Volunteering* Any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or an individual, unlikely to lead to employment.

Mentoring* Provision of employment advice, coaching and support.

Training and Education* Period of study/practical experience, resulting in a recognisable qualification or skill on completion

Career Support and Activities* CV advice, networking opportunities, guidance on industry relevant qualifications and courses.

Taster Visits* Industry familiarisation visit

Job Shadowing* In which an individual spends time with a worker on the job, observing actual workplace tasks in order to explore a potential career interest.

Work Attachment* A period spent in Industry 'picking up' Industry experience. Sometimes this may involve being given responsibility for a piece of work and making a contribution and being a part of team.

Challenges and Motivational Activities* A task or activity building on the individual’s abilities to generate a feeling of enthusiasm and achievement in support of future career options.

*opportunities are not guaranteed and subject to availability, please discuss with your SEC. All activities are subject to chain of command approval and medical clearance for serving personnel.

What can I expect from my SEC?

  • An Individual service
  • Potential access to opportunities
  • In-depth support
  • Advice and guidance
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Appropriate additional signposting according to your needs
  • Support and help even if you are not immediately seeking employment.
What does my SEC expect from me?

  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Regular and consistent engagement
  • Attendance (where personal circumstances/barriers allow) on the two main
    courses designed to support you
    • The Recovery Transition Workshop (RTW)
    • The Career Transition Workshop (CTW) or the CTW+ (booked via your chain of command)