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CTP Assist

Welcome to CTP Assist, our programme that supports military personnel who are likely to be medically discharged, and veterans who have been medically discharged.

These pages will offer an insight into what we do, what we offer, answer the questions you may have about the programme, provide useful links, and highlight the things you can be doing right now.

We've also featured a number of brilliant stories from previous clients, along with the feedback we've received, to give you an idea of how valuable the CTP Assist programme can be for you.


The CTP Assist programme plays a key role in the specialist employment support that the Defence Recovery Capability provides to service personnel likely to be medically discharged and for up to two years after their discharge.

Leaving the Armed Forces can be challenging for any Service leaver, but the circumstances associated with a medical discharge can present additional challenges.

CTP Assist specifically helps personnel who have the greatest need for extra employment support according to their medical condition. We help clients move on with their lives by helping them to find or prepare for activities based on what's important according to their self-identified preferred outcomes.

The employment support we give can help pinpoint a rewarding and realistic change of career which, for most Service leavers and veterans, is a fundamental part of their future planning. We aim to empower, motivate and inspire those we work with to find a future outcome that works for each individual client – whatever challenges they may face.

Resettlement and Transition should not be things that are done to you - the activities you undertake in planning for your future must be driven by you. We provide empathy, expert advice and guidance, but we work with you as a team. That means that before we can help you, you must engage with us. You need to help us to help you. We’re aware that this may be a stressful time for you and your family but we will take into account everything that is happening around you. The more we know about you, the more we can help you.

Obviously there may be some sensitive areas but we respect your confidences and our main effort is firmly at understanding and putting into context any potential disadvantages you may face, with future employment in mind. We want to understand what you want to do, what you can do, what you can’t yet do, and what you could do with a little further support.

The more you can do, and the sooner you start, the better.


We generate a range of opportunities to give our clients invaluable experience, enabling them to make progress with confidence.

Employment based opportunities, often undertaken prior to a Service leaver’s discharge date, are an ideal way for a individual to spend time with a civilian organisation whilst being paid by the military. The opportunities we facilitate can last from one day to several weeks and can have a lasting beneficial impact as well as being a practical way of preparing for civilian employment. Benefits include:

  • Helping the transition back to work following a lengthy recovery and/or absence from the workplace.
  • Inspiring and motivating individuals to embrace different career opportunities beyond the Armed Forces.
  • Helping develop skills and experience for future employment.
  • Offering invaluable experience of civilian work environments, across a range of sectors and roles.
  • Helping with understanding and accessing training and career development opportunities.
  • Acting as an informal mechanism for an individual to ‘get to know’ a company and vice-versa (occasionally, our clients are offered a job after a work attachment).