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Disclosure of Security Clearance

Service leavers should not state their security clearance on their CV. They can however, state “Cleared to a high Government standard”.

It is Cabinet Office/MOD policy that individuals should not make public the level of security clearance they hold; this includes staff disclosing their vetting status in order to secure employment opportunities. Individuals should also ensure that any reference to holding a security clearance on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is removed in order to protect them from personnel security risks that can arise if they draw attention to their level of vetting on-line.

Individuals seeking employment outside of the Armed Forces, should be made aware that Government departments, their prime contractors and recruitment agencies are expected not to ask for prior security clearances when recruiting other than in exceptional circumstances. In order to support this policy, the Cabinet Office has established a Code of Conduct reinforcing Government and the recruitment industry’s shared commitment for ensuring vetting requirements are applied fairly. All Contractors will be expected to comply.

Please note that this does not prevent Service leavers applying for jobs requiring Security Clearance.

Please read this document containing advice on security awareness when using social media.