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Jargon Buster

The abbreviations for resettlement terminology can get confusing! As well as the Jargon Buster below you can also read Who does what? to learn more about the different people you will come into contact with and how they can help you.

 CBIC  Course Booking & Information Centre
 CC  Career Consultant
 CET  Central Employment Team    Find Locations
 CTP  Career Transition Partnership (3rd line)
 CTW  Career Transition Workshop    Find the next date and register
 EC  Employment Consultant
 ELC  Enhanced Learning Credits
 ERO  Education and Resettlement Officers (RN 1st Line)
 FAR  Financial Aspects of Resettlement
 GRT  Graduated Resettlement Time   Learn more
 IERO  Individual Education & Resettlement Officer (Army 2nd Line)
 IRC  Information & Research Co-ordinator
 IRTC  Individual Resettlement Training Costs Grant  Learn more
 JI  Joining Instructions
 JSP 534  Tri-Service Resettlement Manual
 NRIO  Naval Resettlement Information Officer (2nd Line)
 OA  Officers’ Association   Learn more
 OAS  Officers’ Association Scotland  Learn more
 PRP  Personal Resettlement Plan   
 PS  Preferred Supplier – a CTP accredited external Training Provider
 REC  Resettlement and Education Co-ordinators (RAF 1st Line)
 RETM  Regional Employment and Training Manager
 RFEA  Regular Forces Employment Association   Learn more
 RightJob  CTP’s online job finding site   Launch RightJob
 RRA  Regional Resettlement Adviser (RAF 2nd Line)
 RRC  Regional Resettlement Centre   Find Locations 
 RTC  Resettlement Training Centre    Find Locations
 SL  Service leaver
 SLC  Standard Learning Credits
 SRA  Service Resettlement Adviser   Find Locations 
 URO  Unit Resettlement Officers