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Who does what?

You will come into contact with a number of people during your time with the CTP. Here is a little about the different roles and how they can help you.

Administrative Staff

The first point of contact for clients and related agencies via phone, e-mail or face to face. They provide callers with detailed and appropriate information on CTP services and events as well as booking on workshops and interviews with Career Consultants.

Information and Research Co-ordinator

IRCs are based at each RRC and run the Resource Room where you can use PCs for writing your CV
and job searching. They can provide advice and information on job finding research methods.
They are also the point of contact for booking attendance at CTP events such as Employment Fairs, Industry Awareness Days and Company Presentations.

Regional Employment and Training Manager

RETMs are based in each RRC and are the specialist point of contact for advice on vocational training and employment opportunities within the region. They liaise with employer and training organisations to determine future skill requirements. They also monitor the quality of externally provided training in the region to ensure you are getting value for money.

Employment Consultants

ECs work as part of the CTP although they are employed by the RFEA, OA and OA Scotland. Their role is to provide job finding advice and support on a demand led basis to CTP registered Service leavers.
They actively seek and develop suitable employment opportunities and can also provide one to one career
advice and support.

Career Consultant

The role of the Career Consultant is to provide support and guidance to you in making your transition to civilian life in accordance with an agreed personal resettlement plan.
They are available to you from two years prior to and up to two years after discharge. They are experienced in career guidance; have in depth knowledge of job search techniques, sector information, employment trends and resettlement training/qualifications.

Regional Manager

The Regional Manager is responsible for ensuring a high quality of service delivery and will be your point of contact for any complaints. They sometimes also work as Career Consultants (see above).

Course Booking & Information Centre Administrators

CBIC Administrators can provide general information on CTP training courses and are your point of contact for booking and paying for courses.

Resettlement Training Centre Administrators

RTC Administrators are on hand at the RTC to assist with enquiries you may have whilst undertaking a course at the Resettlement Training Centre in Aldershot.

Central Employment Team

The CET provide help and advice about RightJob and assist with re-setting your login should you encounter any problems. They will point you in the right direction for employment advice.