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MOD 1st + 2nd Line Assistance

Each stakeholder in the resettlement process plays a vital role in the effectiveness and quality of provision to Service leavers. Whether you are a long-established member of this function, or new into your role as a Resettlement Officer, this website will provide a wealth of information to assist you in offering guidance and support to those who are preparing to leave the Services.

In the first instance, your resource on Resettlement policy is the Tri-Service Resettlement Manual, .
JSP 534 - Tri-Service Resettlement Manual. This is the official MOD Manual and provides Service leavers with resettlement advice relating to eligibility, entitlements and how to claim for resettlement support.

The purpose of this JSP is to outline the issues and to provide guidance notes to resettlement staff on what provision should be in place in order to assist Early Service Leavers in their transition to civilian life and, in particular, to identify and offer additional appropriate support to those who are vulnerable to social exclusion. It should be read in conjunction with JSP 534 the Tri-Service Resettlement Manual

To support the resettlement provision, this site provides Service leavers with:

  • An easy way to identify which resettlement provision they are entitled to
  • Details of what is included in resettlement programmes
  • Access to a wide range of Guides covering topics such as pensions, housing, health and education and job finding skills to assist in all aspects of making the transition from the Forces for Service leavers and their families
  • Find out about and book courses and workshops
  • Information on the benefits of attending employment events and listings on the events calendar
  • Access to MyPlan which is a personalised area, accessed by a secure login and includes career assessment tools, a personal resettlement plan, saved information pertinent to an individuals’ own resettlement journey
  • Job finding advice and access to our job site, RightJob
  • Read success stories of other Service leavers who have successfully made their transition from the Armed Forces
1st Line
1st Line has a vital role in the delivery of resettlement and is the first point of contact for Service leavers. Resettlement Information Staff are normally found within parent units (known as ERO, URO or REC) and the provision of 1st Line resettlement support is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer. Each Service provides resettlement information, advice and guidance through briefings and interviews. 1st Line also provide administrative support for Service leavers which is administered through JPA.

2nd Line
The principal task of 2nd Line is to provide advice and guidance
about the resettlement package that will best suit the individual Service leaver. Once a Service leaver commences the resettlement process, they will have a detailed interview with their local Service Resettlement Adviser (SRA) (known as NRIOs, IEROs or RRAs, dependent on Service).

The 2nd Line will assist in determining which resettlement package a Service leaver is eligible for and will register them for CTP services. They will explain the process for completion and authorisation of resettlement-related JPA requests, and can provide expert advice on resettlement.

3rd Line
The next stage of resettlement support is at 3rd Line which is provided by the Career Transition Partnership, operating from 10 Regional Resettlement Centres (RRCs) and the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC) in Aldershot. The CTP provides workshops,
seminars, employment consultancy, resettlement training advice, and some in-house
resettlement training for entitled Service leavers from up to 2 years before discharge and for 2 years after.

A job finding service, from 6 months prior to discharge is delivered by the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) and Officers’ Association (OA) who are part of the CTP.

Full policy and responsibilities can be found at JSP 534.