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MOD Documents & Forms

JSP 534 - Part 1: Directive (2020)

JSP 534 - Part 2: Guidance (2020)

All CTP registrations and all applications for resettlement activities, including any workshops, training courses (CTP or otherwise), work attachments, or any other activity, should be made solely via JPA, and not on paper MOD Forms. Please ensure you read the appropriate JPA Resettlement Guides available via the JPA Portal, or ask your Service Resettlement Advisor if you need further assistance.

CTP Future Horizons
Please note, this process does not apply to Early Service Leavers - if you require further information on registration for the CTP Future Horizons Programme (for those who have served less than four years), please contact Richard Jones on or use the telephone numbers listed below.

  • RRC Catterick: 01748 872900 / 01748 872949
  • ATC Pirbright, Sword Company: 01483 798614
  • RC Plymouth: 01752 557635

Before submitting your application to attend a CTP workshop or training course online via JPA, you must first ring to check availability and obtain a provisional place:

To book a CTW or other workshop/activity at a Resettlement Centre: Please call the central bookings team on 0203 162 4410. After being allocated a provisional place, you must secure this by submitting the appropriate non-GRT Absence Request on JPA.

To book a CTP training course: Please call the Course Booking & Information Centre (CBIC) on 01252 954 007 to check availability and book a provisional place. After being allocated a provisional place, you must secure this by submitting an appropriate GRT Absence Request on JPA.

MoD Forms 1173A 
Early Service Leavers - Record of Resettlement Interviews.

MoD Form 1173 
Application for Resettlement Services.  This is the initial form that is required to be completed in order to register for your resettlement provision.

MoD Form 1746
Form of Agreement for Civilian Work Attachment or External Training for a Member of the Armed Forces.

MoD Form 1748
Attendance at CWA/CTA Confirmation and Claim Form.  This form is to be used on completion of a Civilian Work Attachment or undertaking External Training in order to claim refund of fees under the IRTC Scheme.

MoD Form 2225
Resettlement Complaints Form. If you are a Service leaver who has a complaint about the resettlement provision received, you should speak with your Service Resettlement Advisor who will raise this form for you as the start of the complaints procedure.

MoD Form 2245
Application for Refund of Resettlement Allowances and Entitlements.  This form should be used by Service leavers wishing to reclaim GRT, Travel Warrants, IRTC Grant and/or Personal Contribution lost due to unforseen circumstances.

MoD Form 1950
Application form for Standard Learning Credits (SLC) Funding

MoD Form 363T
This form is used to gain authority to attend resettlement training activities. It is only to be used if the service leaver is unable to put Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT) training activities on JPA using the GRT Absence button