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Resettlement services

The good news is that ex-military personnel are highly employable.

Successful resettlement requires clear aims, good job intelligence, effective networking and an intelligent approach to employers. It can also help to acquire extra skills. It’s therefore vital to take full advantage of the resources and facilities at your disposal.

All the services you need to make your resettlement a success

Initial resettlement help is provided by the Army, RAF and Royal Navy, as appropriate. The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) acts as the next tier, providing free assistance to Service leavers of all ranks.

We provide resettlement services through nine Resettlement Centres in the UK and one in Germany. Each is staffed by Career Consultants, who provide one-to-one long-term guidance, as well as trainers and Client Services Administrators to support you throughout your resettlement.

Advice, Training and access to thousands of active jobs

In addition, we offer workshops and vocational training courses and advice on external training, As for actual jobs, we hold Employment Fairs and Company Presentations across the UK and host an online job-finding service, RightJob, with thousands of live vacancies for ex-military personnel. You can even try out specific jobs with a Trial Attachment.

Finally, we can offer advice in all kinds of other areas too, from finance and pensions to housing and health – for details, see Resettlement Guides.

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to find out what you are eligible for now. It’s easy – and your first step towards successful resettlement.