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RightJob is our online job finding service that lists thousands of live vacancies for Service leavers and new ones are added every day. We work with hundreds of employers who recognise the talent pool leaving the Armed Forces and the experience and strong working ethos Service leavers bring with them after a military career.

RightJob Features

  • Browse available jobs by Industry, Location or Company Name
  • Any application you submit through RightJob gets sent directly to the employer
  • Job notifications direct from Employers based on profile matching
  • Job notifications from Employment Consultants based on your preferences
  • Job alerts based on your saved searches, direct to your inbox
  • Helpful advice on related topics such as a CV checklist and covering letters
  • Single login for both myPlan and RightJob
  • Fast, clean and intuitive interface
  • Compatible with smart phones and tablets on all mainstream browsers
  • Videos to highlight features on all key areas of the site

How to access RightJob

Access to RightJob is through myPlan on the CTP website. When you attend a Career Transition Workshop at your local Regional Resettlement centre, or register for Job Finding Support with your nearest Employment Consultant, you will be given instructions on how to activate your account.

Accounts are activated through myPlan on the CTP website which will allow you access to both the career activities on MyPlan and the RightJob site.

If you’ve already left the services, contact your nearest Regular Forces Employment Association or Officers’ Association, as appropriate. You’ll find their contact details listed under Contact Us.

Helpful hints to get the most out of using RightJob

You can proactively search the site for jobs and set alerts to be notified of jobs that meet your criteria. Employers can search for potential candidates themselves by using key criteria from the job specification. The results from this search will show anonymous profiles of those who fit the criteria and from that the employer can make contact directly with the candidate. In addition our Employment Consultants will search Service leaver profiles to match potential candidates to new vacancies and send them through in case you are interested.

Make sure you don’t get missed by keeping your Profile in RightJob up to date with the following:

  • In your Skills and Preferences page add any relevant skills, qualifications, licenses and locations from the dropdown lists. (This is really important to ensure you are found on searches for jobs that meet your criteria) 
  • In the CV page upload the latest version of your CV 
  •  In the Personal Information tab, check that all the information is up to date.
  • Curriculum Manager - Engineering
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    RightJob Ref: N59162
    Closing Date: 31/03/2015
  • Internal Service Engineer (Skilled Fitter) - Axminster
    South West
    RightJob Ref: N59222
    Closing Date: 31/03/2015
  • Engineering Manager
    South East
    RightJob Ref: N59798
    Closing Date: 27/03/2015
  • Head of Supply Chain - Procurement
    South East
    RightJob Ref: F60032
    Closing Date: 27/03/2015
  • Marine Fitter / Engineer
    South of England
    RightJob Ref: N60019
    Closing Date: 27/03/2015
  • Craftsperson
    Midlands - East
    RightJob Ref: N59490
    Closing Date: 25/03/2015
  • Procurement Manager (BEP)
    North West
    RightJob Ref: F59696
    Closing Date: 25/03/2015
  • Systems Engineer (DFL)
    Germany - Middle
    €27,000 - 34,000
    RightJob Ref: N59614
    Closing Date: 24/03/2015
  • Care Manager
    South East
    RightJob Ref: N59400
    Closing Date: 22/03/2015
  • Customer Relationship Manager
    Wales - North
    RightJob Ref: N59871
    Closing Date: 22/03/2015
  • Ganger
    South East
    £24,290 - £28,220K
    RightJob Ref: N58555
    Closing Date: 20/03/2015
  • Goods In Distribution Manager
    Midlands - East
    RightJob Ref: N59154
    Closing Date: 18/03/2015
  • C&I Systems Engineer
    South West
    RightJob Ref: F57005
    Closing Date: 17/03/2015
  • Estates Foreman Mablethorpe
    Midlands - East
    RightJob Ref: N59251
    Closing Date: 15/03/2015
  • Project Manager - Exeter
    South West
    RightJob Ref: N59341
    Closing Date: 15/03/2015
  • Multi-skilled Maintenance Engineer / Technician – Shift-based  
    West Berkshire
    RightJob Ref: N59036
    Closing Date: 15/03/2015
  • Production Lead Operator – Process and Wrapping
    West Berkshire
    RightJob Ref: N59032
    Closing Date: 15/03/2015
  • Class 2 Plant Lorry Driver - Maldon
    RightJob Ref: N58627
    Closing Date: 13/03/2015
  • Maintenance Engineer Rail  (based in Ashford, Kent)
    South East
    RightJob Ref: N59169
    Closing Date: 13/03/2015
  • Estates Manager
    South West
    RightJob Ref: F49192
    Closing Date: 11/03/2015