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Allowances & grants

Entitled Service personnel can access a range of allowances and grants as part of the resettlement process. In each case, your Resettlement Advisor will have more details. 

The Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) grant 

The IRTC grant is available to Service leavers with six or more years’ service and all Medical Discharges. It is a contribution to  training costs and can be used  internally at the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC), Aldershot  or at  a Regional Resettlement Centre (RRC) for vocational training courses. It can also be used externally for training with CTP Preferred Suppliers. 

IRTC is available for tuition fees up to a maximum of £534.  A range of courses at the RTC Aldershot is delivered within the MOD contract (called Contract Funded training) . These courses are pre-paid by the MOD and only ‘cost’ the Service leaver time and a portion of the  £534 allowance. No money changes hands for the training but days and funding are deducted from the GRT allocation at a rate of £26.70 per day. The £534 gives access up to 20 days of CF training. Any exam or registration fees are extra and payable by the students but other allowances may be available to help with those. 
The CTP also offers a range of courses that are not within the MOD contract known as Non-Contract Funded courses and you can use your IRTC grant or ELC to pay for these (see below for further information on ELC funding).

Standard Learning Credits (SLC) and Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) 

If you are not eligible for the IRTC grant, you can use your Standard Learning Credits to buy CTP training on a standby/reserve basis. Please see your Service Resettlement Adviser for more details.

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) can be used for resettlement training both with CTP’s non Contract funded course programme and Preferred Supplier external ones.
Strict conditions apply for using ELC funding  and you are advised to contact your Service Resettlement Advisor.

You can find a full listing of contact details by clicking this link, then click on the purple ‘View SRAs’ tab, to the right of the map.

Other claims 

In addition, entitled Service leavers can make claims for travel and subsistence allowances on all approved briefings, training, attachments, workshops and interviews/consultations, in accordance with single Service regulations – for details, see the Tri Service Resettlement Manual. 

If you use Individual Resettlement Preparation (IRP), subsistence doesn’t apply, although you can claim for travel from the allocation of claims/warrants available under Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT). 

Graduated Resettlement Time

Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT) is an official duty allocation of time away from your place of work for resettlement purposes. It’s available for anyone who has served at least six years or who has been medically discharged. 

It can be used for any kind of resettlement activity outlined on this website; this can start up to two years before you leave. The table below shows what you’re entitled to. 

Years of ServiceWorking Days
(normal discharge)
Working Days
(medical discharge) 
 <1 0 10
 1+ 0 30
 6+ 20 30
 8+ 25 30
 12+ 30
 16+ 35 35

Travel claims

You’re also entitled to travel claims for within the UK, or within the borders of the country if you undergo an attachment overseas when based overseas, as shown below.

Working Days of GRTTravel Claims/Rail Warrants
 10 4
 20 4
 25 5
30 6
35 7