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Every year, over 14,000 skilled and experienced individuals leave the Armed Forces ready to enter the civilian workforce. Find out how your organisation could benefit.

A unique no-cost, high quality recruitment service

As the MoD’s official provider of Armed Forces Resettlement, the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) has the unique position of being able to connect you with this unrivalled pool of ex-military talent. Due to the fact that we’re government funded, our high quality recruitment service is provided at no cost to you. Watch our film

Advantages of employing Service leavers

Join the thousands of other employers who already benefit from access to the growing ex-military talent pool. We work with SMEs to large national and multi-national organisations, connecting highly motivated, committed and capable individuals with employers seeking to hire the best. Read more about why so many employers look to the ex-military talent pool to fill their recruitment needs.

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Resource skilled candidates through CTP events

Meet hundreds of potential candidates at our national events, designed specifically for employers seeking to recruit ex-military personnel.

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Employer Focus

We work with organisations including Jaguar Land Rover, Openreach, Tesco, BAE Systems, Barclays and British Gas.

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Recruit from the ex-military talent pool

To find out where Service leavers fit into your organisation and to cherry pick your future candidates, register today.

Ex-Military Work Placements

Work placements are the perfect opportunity for Service leavers and potential employers to get to know one another.

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From Military to Civilian Workplace

Read about the successful transition of ex-military personnel into civilian careers.

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