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Ex-Military Work Placements

Unsure about where ex-military personnel fit into your organisation? Work placements are the perfect opportunity for Service leavers and potential employers to get to know one another.

Those who are in the process of leaving the military are able to complete work experience placements, known as Civilian Work Attachments or Trial Attachments, whilst still serving and therefore still being paid by the military. These can last from one day to several weeks, depending on your preferences, and enable you to find out about the benefits of employing ex-military personnel, prior to making any commitments.

They can offer employers significant benefits: 

  • The opportunity to assess ex-forces personnel as potential employees and to shortlist individuals. 
  • A cost-free, risk-free option: there are no salary costs and you’re under no obligation to offer future employment. 
  • If you haven’t worked with the CTP before, Civilian Work Attachments help you test whether our recruitment pool is suitable for you. 

Many large organisations see the benefits of taking on Service leavers via Civilian Work Attachments:


“For Openreach the CWA option is an additional path for individuals who may or may not have had previous engineering experience to consider working with the organisation. The CWA provides individuals with the opportunity to learn and try out new skills, and provides Openreach with a rich stream of incoming talent that may not have come to us naturally through the direct hire route.”

BNY Mellon

“BNY Mellon has been working with the CTP to develop work placements for Service leavers.  We believe ex-forces personnel represent a unique and high-performing talent pool and we recognise the highly sought after transferable skills, proven in difficult real world situations.” 


“To date, our military work placements have been a great success and the Barclays network continue to embrace the opportunity to support military personnel.”

How to get started

If you’re interested in offering Civilian Work Attachments, we will be happy to discuss the different options available to your organisation.

  • The CTP can promote your opportunities to our active client base of over 20,000 military leavers, via our job board RightJob. We can also assist you in sourcing appropriate candidates for the positions.
  • Following selection, the candidate then obtains signed approval from their military unit and Service Resettlement Advisor. 
  • Civilian Work Attachments are extremely flexible, and can be tailored to meet the needs and circumstances of the individual and the business objectives of the organisation. They can be immediately prior to an individual leaving the Services or some time before, and can last anything from one day up to several weeks. 
  • If a Civilian Work Attachment could be suitable for a particular job vacancy, please mention this in the job description when submitting your vacancy to RightJob. 
  • If your organisation is able to offer ongoing Civilian Work Attachments, please talk to us about what you can offer. We want to hear from you! 

Interested in offering work experience to ex-military?

Contact our Central Support Team on 0121 236 0058 or register your company details.