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CTP - Driver Training

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CTP - Driver Training
Driver Training – what do I need?

CTP offer a range of courses for those looking at commercial driving or Transport Management. This includes:
For those seeking to gain their LGV licence/s and/or complete the required initial or periodic Certificate of Professional Competence, the following is a reminder of the process. Please also read the full course description on the CTP website. 

When completing Cat C training with CTP, this will include the Initial Driver CPC (including parts 2 and 4) which is valid for 5 years. It is not included in the Cat C+E as most people will have done the Cat C first, however, by contacting 2 Start Training in advance of C+E training, it can be booked directly at an extra charge, as 2 Start Ltd are a registered test centre. 

And, just as a reminder of the process when booking Cat C:
  • You need to have a Cat B (Car) licence
  • Cat C must be added as a provisional on your current licence - you need to do a medical when you apply to have Cat C Provisional added.
  • Book onto a theory test at a local testing centre (costs £45 and is completed on a computer)
  • Book our Cat C course which covers the remaining 3 parts of the initial Driver CPC (Part 2 is a case study completed at a test centre, part 3 is actual driving and part 4 is a show me tell me exercise regarding the lorry).
  • Once all 4 parts are complete you will be issued with a DQC or Driver Qualification Card which is basically the DCPC. This DQC must be updated every 5 years by attending one day of DCPC training per year, or all at once through a 5 day course.
CTP offer the Driver CPC/ADR as a combined course for those who already hold their LGV licence, having obtained acquired rights by completing their LGV test prior to 10 Sept 2009 or having passed their car driving test prior to 01 Jan 1997. This is the Periodic driver training required every 5 years to obtain a drivers Qualification card in order to undertake commercial LGV driving. The additional ADR qualification will enable attendees to carry goods included within the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road regulations. 

Our associate provider offers a more detailed description of eligibility for Driver CPC - Click here.