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The easy way for employers and employees to meet

We organise around 70 Employment Fairs, Industry Awareness Days and Company Presentations at Regional Resettlement Centres (RRCs) around the UK and in Germany every year. They’re a great opportunity for Service leavers to network with potential employers and to find out about different sectors. As well as checking out the opportunities, you’ll be able to find out what qualifications you need.

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Networking event

Online event
These events enable you to learn about specific industries, employers or resettlement-related topics, all from the comfort of your own home or office. All you'll need is access to a computer (or tablet, for some events) with broadband. 

Simply follow the instructions to register and log in to the event at the allotted time. You won't be required to take a day's leave, as most events last for an hour, and can be attended during breaks or evenings.
Transition fair

Company recruitment event

These events take place on company premises or in resettlement centres and  focus on one particular company who has multiple vacancies for Service leavers.

The events usually consist of a presentation about the company and employment opportunities available. Many organisations bring along staff who are ex-Forces so they can speak about their own experience of their transition into the civilian workplace.

Information event
These events could provide advice on any aspect of resettlement, including transition, training or employment.
CTP Employment fair

Typically held in external venues in major cities, these events are normally attended by between 50-80 different employers or employer organisations, dependant on the size of the venue.  

You can set up stands that Service leavers can visit throughout the event in order to ask questions about your organisation or industry.  This presents you the opportunity to provide information about your organisation and the employment opportunities available. 

We encourage Service leavers to bring copies of their CVs to these events so they can hand them out to employers and this has resulted in many successful placements.


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The benefits of attending

Events provide Service leavers with opportunities to learn about

  • Careers available in today's competitive job market
  • The opportunities that await you
  • Qualifications and experience you already have or will need
  • Different industries
  • Networking with potential employers

Getting the most out of events