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About the Ministry of Defence

Directorate of Training, Education, Skills, Recruiting & Resettlement (TESRR)

The Directorate of Training, Education, Skills, Recruiting and Resettlement represents the Ministry of Defence and is responsible for tri-Service resettlement policy and for the delivery of resettlement services through the partnering agreement with Right Management.  The primary role of the Directorate of Training, Education, Skills and Resettlement is to assist Service leavers in making a successful transition into civilian life.  As part of this process, the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) was formed in October 1998.

In support of this primary role, the Director of Resettlement is responsible for:

  • The development and delivery of tri-Service resettlement policy and procedures on behalf of Director General Service Personnel (Policy).
  • The management and operation of the contract under the partnering agreement within the CTP, assuring performance and value for money, thereby offering eligible Service leavers the best possible service in the most cost effective manner.

Tri-Service Resettlement Policy

Tri-Service Resettlement Policy is underpinned by the following principles:

  • To provide all Armed Forces personnel with access to timely and accurate resettlement information and advice. To provide Service leavers with access to resettlement provision based on best practice, which meets individual needs.
  • To provide resettlement assistance on a graduated basis, both in terms of provision and time available, according to length of service. 
  • To provide contracted resettlement services, which include advice, workshops, training and job finding, which are flexible, responsive and effective so that they meet the individual needs of Service personnel, both in terms of accessibility and content.
  • To provide resettlement assistance to all Service leavers.
  • To make available appropriate resettlement allowances to assist Service leavers.