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Recovery Career Services

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Recovery Career Services
Linked to the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), the Recovery Career Services (RCS) offer a range of vocational opportunities (from volunteering to work experience) for Service leavers who are wounded, injured or sick and likely to be Medically Discharged from the Armed Forces and ready to engage in their resettlement.

Working with the CTP, RCS can help individuals work out what careers and employment they want to do when they are Medically Discharged. 

Service leavers who are likely to be Medically Discharged can apply for these opportunities, which are directed at a particular occupation and its skills, on the RCS Portal.  Access to the Portal is gained by talking to your Career Consultant or Specialist Employment Consultant.

All individuals being Medically Discharged can also access RightJob for employment opportunities. Read the success story of Tony Yeardley, ex-Army Lance Corporal, who turned a hobby into employment opportunities with the support if his Specialist Employment Consultant and his Career Consultant.

Lance Corporal Tony Yeardley joined the 1st Battalion the Light Infantry in 2000. Tony served for 12 years and carried out a number of operational tours in Iraq and Afganistan finishing with 5th Battalion the Rifles.

Tony was diagnosed with Operational Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and arrived from RRC Herford on transfer to 15 Brigade Personnel Recovery Unit where he was put in contact with a Specialist Employment Consultant and Career Consultant who worked together with Tony to complete a Personal Development Plan and to source vocational opportunities and provide employment support.

Having an interest in sailing and finding it a therapeutic pastime, Tony enquired about pursuing a career as a Yacht Master. Tony was put in contact with Sailing North East who offered a 2600 miles trip to gain experience on the 45ft ocean racer ‘The Black Diamond’ during the world famous Tall Ships Race. This afforded Tony the chance to add 2600 miles towards his final qualification. He also spent time with the team in Hartlepool working on the ‘The Black Diamond’ over a weekend of refurbishment and maintenance. 

Tony thanks everyone involved for encouraging him to take all of the opportunities presented to him and says: “I am now training to become a Yacht Master with Cornish Cruising in Falmouth as I transition out of the army and will then start a 13 week Yacht Master’s course. My life now has direction and a sense of hope.”

With support from both his Specialist Employment Consultant and his Career Consultant Tony is completing his course and has been offered potential employment with ‘Turn to Starboard’ on completion of the course.