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Trial Attachments

Trial Attachments, also known as Civilian Work Attachments (CWA), are designed to help Service leavers get sector specific work experience and on-the-job training, and to ensure employers and employees are well matched.

There’s no set length – they can range from one day up to the limit of your GRT allowance. Even if you don’t end up working for that employer, you’ve still gained vital experience and knowledge of that job sector – boosting your chances of getting a job with someone else.

"Lots of Service leavers have found them really useful – so why not try one yourself?"

How do trial attachments work?

Your CWA can be taken at any time during your last two years of service. Travel and Subsistence can be claimed, but CWAs do not attract IRTC funding as they do not include formal course instruction. For more details, refer to JSP 534, paragraphs 0328 to 0334 or please contact contact your local Service Resettlement Adviser.

Success stories

“Focus your search on what you really want to do; don’t just go for any old job, or you’ll be unenthusiastic, unhappy and move on. Ensure you tailor your CV, interview, and covering letter for each application.”

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