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Tips on implementing keywords at the heart of your job search

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Tips on implementing keywords at the heart of your job search Job hunting following the pandemic is of course very different and comes with many new challenges. So, this month we wanted to explore the importance and value of utilising keywords in your job hunt.

Once you've established the types of role you're looking to pursue, it’s crucial that you then identify the key criteria and skill requirements associated with these positions. This will enable you to implement these key terms within your CV, LinkedIn profile and job applications; ensuring your applications are aligned to the requirements of the roles you’re interested in, while recruiters/employers can easily find you and see how you match with their opportunities.

Here are some tips for approaching keyword optimisation:

  • Choose 10-12 job descriptions that you would like to target your documentation towards You can then create a library of common criteria to use and ensure your documentation and online profiles are fully optimised to every role you're interested in applying to.
  • Don’t add a postcode when searching for jobs This will increase the number of search results and better enable you to access the entire marketplace; maximising your exposure to potential opportunities.
  • Select up to 15 keywords to incorporate into your CV and LinkedIn profile Increasing your visibility with recruiters and employers, as you'll be easier to find in relation to their opportunities, while your applications will be directly tailored to what they're looking for.
  • Use LinkedIn for your research Who is in a job role similar to the ones you’re pursuing? What key words do they use in their profile? Once you’ve identified these key pieces of information, you can begin tailoring your profile to align with theirs.
  • Make use of the CTP website Have a look at the Resettlement Guide on CV writing and application forms and the CTP videos for more advice on how to make a success of your job search.

If you’re struggling with keyword optimisation, or would like tips or advice on enhancing your professional documents and profiles even further, you can always schedule a meeting with your CTP Career Consultant.