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Overcoming Barriers To Learning

Category: Tips and Advice

Overcoming Barriers To Learning Attending vocational training can be really exciting, particularly if you’re learning new skills in a field that interests you. It can provide you with a new perspective and help you work towards your goals. However, for some people, making the decision to attend courses can feel a little daunting; particularly if you haven’t learnt anything new recently or face barriers to learning.

These barriers may come in the shape of physical and/or learning disabilities; but either way, CTP are here to help.

If you have a disability that may impact you during training, then contact us in advance of your course and let us know what issues you may face; this allows us to look into what we can do to help. We will then be happy to look at a range of reasonable adjustments that we can put in place, as well as help with any possible barriers that you may face prior to attending. This way you’ll know what your training experience will be like before you attend.

One example of a reasonable adjustment we can facilitate would be to provide a stress ball or fiddle toy for someone with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), to keep their hands busy and aid with focus during training.

Alternatively, while some people know they will be fine during the training, they worry about coping in an exam situation. If you need extra time or special measures during an exam then we’ll have to apply to the Awarding Body for that subject area to request those adjustments - this is not something we can authorise ourselves. It often takes a few days to get permission through, and we appreciate that it can be an anxious time while you wait for that decision, so we would encourage you to email us prior to the course commencing. Sending scanned copies of any medical reports can highlight what type of measure you may need to be put in place. Examples of special measures include extra time, needing access to a laptop or extra toilet breaks.

It’s really important to us that we support you in succeeding with your training – so please reach out to us at 
[email protected] if you are due to attend training and need a little extra help.