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5 Tips To Acing A Remote Interview

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5 Tips To Acing A Remote Interview With working remotely having become the norm for so many of us, recruitment experts have had to embrace technology and replace standard face-to-face interviews with digital alternatives. As these practices now look set to stay, it’s more important than ever for you to feel comfortable and confident when preparing for and attending a remote interview.

Here's 5 tips to acing your interview:

1. Check your environment Ensure you have a strong and reliable internet connection, a quiet, professional, distraction-free space and do a practice run the day before to get used to the platform you’ll be using for the interview. Make sure the lighting is correct so people can see you clearly.

2. Focus on the camera Avoid looking at the interviewer on your screen and try to maintain eye-contact with your camera during the interview. This will help you maintain eye-contact with the interviewer.

3. Treat it as a face-to-face interview Familiarise yourself with the job description and your answers as best you can, and dress as if you’re attending a face-to-face interview. This will help give you extra confidence and enable you to perform at your best. And always dress for the part from head to toe, helping you get fully in the interview ‘zone’.

4. Know your priority points Identify your key points and have some notes/pointers written on sticky-notes around your screen. This’ll allow you to refer to your research without making it obvious to the interviewer.

5. Be aware of body language Sitting forward shows interest. Sitting back firmly in your chair shows confidence. Smile and nod to show that you’re listening and understand. All of this will help make the experience more positive, for both you and the interviewer.

If you’ve secured yourself a remote interview and are unsure about how to prepare or what to expect, always feel free to check-in with your Career Consultant, and utilise the CTP Interview tool on MyPlan – enabling you to practice and record your mock interview and receive feedback on your performance.