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Harry Boyt's Success Story

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Harry Boyt's Success Story Harry Boyt left the Army as a Major in September 2021 after serving for 12 years. After taking stock of his career and current situation, Harry decided it was time for a change, and registered for resettlement support with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP).

"I enjoyed the early years most; hands on and practical work. As I progressed through the ranks I became less satisfied with Service life and the instability it created for my family."


Once registered with the CTP, Harry attended a 3-day Career Transition Workshop (CTW) among other CTP-provided and external training courses, ensuring he was in the best possible position to secure civilian employment:

"The CTW was a really useful workshop, although mostly designed for those going into paid employment, it was really helpful in giving me ideas to develop my business plan in the early stages. I also attended business start-up courses through X-Forces and Ipso Facto which were invaluable then and continue to offer me support as my business grows."

When asked about further CTP support he found useful, Harry cites his Civilian Work Attachment (CWA) and his CTP Career Consultant:

"I attended a CWA which was hugely useful and made me wish that I’d done less courses and more work experience. My CTP Career Consultant Annette always provided very good support, from the exploratory early stages through to refining an idea."

Successful Outcome

Harry is now the Founder of his very own company, Birtle & Co. Kitchens and Furniture Ltd:

"I’m now a one-man band, self-employed kitchen designer and maker. I’ve learned a huge amount already and have relied on the skills I gained through my time in the military; especially my project management and people skills.
Starting a business isn’t easy, but it is hugely rewarding!"


As his closing words of advice to fellow Service leavers, Harry goes on to say:

"Research and networking are both key. Find your ‘why’ – why you’re leaving the Service, and why you want your next career to be what you do. Think about what makes you tick and if possible, do a CWA through the CTP – there really is no substitute for hands-on experience."