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CTP Success: Supporting Clint Sherratt on his resettlement journey

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CTP Success: Supporting Clint Sherratt on his resettlement journey

Clint Sherratt left the Army as a Royal Signals Installation Technician in 2019 after serving for 22 years. After taking stock of his career and personal life, he decided to transition from the military into civilian life and registered for support with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP).

"Every post brought new and interesting challenges. I loved the fact that you could physically see the difference we were making, but when your family has sacrificed so much over the years, it’s time to put their needs first."


Clint worked closely with his CTP Career Consultant, Jackie as he pursued the next step in his career.

"Jackie was great. She was always available to talk and to answer any questions. The level of support that she and the CTP provided me was unparalleled."

Clint also attended a 3-day Career Transition Workshop (CTW) where he was able to properly assess the timeline of his resettlement activities, ensuring he got the most out of all the time he had available.

"The CTW was very useful in focusing my mind and getting me to appreciate the best way to translate my knowledge and experience into “civvy” speak."

When asked about other key elements of his resettlement journey, Clint points out the vast number of job opportunities available via the CTP job search platform, RightJob; as well as the CTP Employment Fairs:

"The CTP Employment Fairs were very useful. They enabled me to speak to employers and find out what they were looking for, providing insight into what training or education would give me an advantage when looking for work.

I also found it was very useful talking with other Service leavers at these events. There are a few guys I met that I still keep in touch with now; we help each other out wherever we can.

Successful Outcome

Clint is now a Technical Developer for CNet Training. He designs and maintains training/education programmes for people working in the digital infrastructure sector. He mentions how no two days are the same, thus providing him with endless learning opportunities.

When asked about how he found settling into his new role, he highlights how having a military background has stood him in a good stead for working to and meeting fixed, tight deadlines. From his own experience, Clint recommends CNet to fellow Service leavers:

"CNet encourage self-motivation, creativity and continuous development. This has given me all the freedom I need to get the job done; whilst knowing that there’s always someone there to give me support and advice when and if I need it."


As his closing words of advice to fellow Service leavers, Clint goes on to say:

"You know a lot more than you think and you have plenty of desirable skills and attributes. Talk to your friends and family as they’re going through this with you.

Research the areas you want to work in and make sure you keep up to date with the most current training andeducation courses that you can take.

And finally…, network, network!