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Plumbing and Heating Work Placement Opportunities in Wiltshire

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 Plumbing and Heating Work Placement Opportunities in Wiltshire For the past 3 years we’ve had Service leavers working alongside our engineers while still being employed in the military. This work placement allows you to gain your gas qualification by completing a portfolio of work on the tools with our engineers.

We’ve already had 5 Service leavers successfully complete their placements with us, 3 of whom were offered jobs with us. Following the completion of your work placement with us, if something suitable arises, you’ll be top of our list!

We’ve now set up a programme where we have Service leavers regularly working alongside our established engineers to help them prepare for life after the Armed Forces. After completing a full work placement with us, you’ll be far more employable as opposed to just being qualified without any proper work experience. We’ll of course also be happy to provide a reference for you.

Suitable candidates will have an interest in basic maintenance and be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of hand tools such as drills. Most importantly you’ll have a desire to be the best at what you do, be very time conscious and have a friendly customer facing attitude and approach.

If you want to super charge your employability then you need to have all-round experience of plumbing and heating, not just a gas qualification. In addition to servicing, maintaining and installing gas boilers, you’ll gain heating system experience and be able to carry out plumbing repairs.

We’ve just employed Rob following the completion of his work experience with us, where he’s been working alongside Jon – a fellow Service leaver. Jon left the forces after 23 years’ service in October 2019, and has demonstrated great leadership skills, coupled with an ability to learn incredibly quickly; which has made him our go-to engineer for supporting Service leavers as they start their work experience with us.

Nathan is also an ex-military leaver who unlike Rob and Jon, didn’t complete his portfolio with us. Nathans determination and hunger to succeed meant he is now an extremely valued member of the team, who is learning more and more about heating systems and general plumbing while he carries out his day-to-day gas boiler servicing & maintenance.

If this work placement with us sounds like your sort of thing then we’d love to hear from you today! All you need to do to apply is visit the Career Transition Partnership’s online job portal RightJob Please and search: Plumbing and Heating Work Placement Opportunities - WILTSHIRE + N413412

We look forward to hearing from you!