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Civil Service Going Forward Into Employment Veterans and Spouses Programme

Category: Events Publish date: 03/10/2019

Civil Service Going Forward Into Employment Veterans and Spouses Programme The Going Forward into Employment Programme is a great opportunity not only to participate in rewarding and interesting work, but it will also open doors for a successful career in the Civil Service which offers you: 

  • The opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives in the UK 
  • Learning on the job and good career development opportunities 
  • Flexible working hours and comprehensive benefits 

We are looking for talented individuals who may never consider the Civil Service as an employer, and whose application could be refused if going through the usual channels due to a lack of experience, background, or personally challenging circumstances. 

If you would like more information about the programme there will be Insight Events hosted in Tidworth (25th November 2019) and Plymouth (27th November 2019). 

What is Going Forward into Employment? 

Going Forward into Employment (GFIE) was launched in 2017 as a cross government collaboration between the Cabinet Office, the Civil Service Commission, Civil Service Local and the Ministry of Justice. 

Breaking new ground in recruitment, it provides improved life chances for citizens through civil service employment opportunities, and in 2018 gained accolades for its achievements when winning the Civil Service Award for Innovation.

What is the aim of Going Forward into Employment?

The main aim is to help groups of people who would otherwise find employment opportunities limited to overcome those barriers, therefore improving their chances in life. We are breaking the stigma associated with employing veterans, we provide work placements and fixed term contracts for up to 24 months across the Civil Service, which could lead to permanent employment.  

Whilst many veterans have successfully made the transition to civilian employment a significant number have struggled to find meaningful employment. Going Forward into Employment aims to contribute in some way towards improving these challenges. 

We also recognise that partners and spouses face challenges due to relocation or family commitments alongside service. We therefore open this up to those citizens also to ensure we support the bigger picture around life chances for immediate family also. 

How does recruitment of a Veteran/Spouse work through the scheme? 

Once a department has highlighted a vacancy (up to EO level) that they wish to fill with a veteran, they bring it to the Going Forward into Employment team. 

We then work with the vacancy holder and the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) to advertise the role across their network. CTP advisors will then work to highlight interested individuals. The CTP will ensure all known backgrounds and potential required adjustments / risks are highlighted and confirm any specific skills requested for the role. 

The potential candidate(s) will then normally undertake an informal interview/meeting with the department contact to ensure a good match and take the opportunity to find out more about each other. This informal approach is designed to make the process easier for the individuals applying and to ensure the process is different to normal recruitment and based where required on assessment of risk. 

As a scheme accredited by the Commission, we use Exception 2 ‘Support for government employment programmes’, ensuring the department is happy to accept the candidate, supported by details of any required adjustments. We then agree a date upon which the candidate will start, considering factors such as business needs, personal circumstances and government checks required. 

After 12 months, there is then the option to make a fixed term contract permanent under another exception (10) if they meet the required schemes standard as set out by our scheme, and which the Commission has subsequently accredited. 

Why Veterans? 

Veterans have been chosen due to a number of reasons, specifically that as a population they face some of the biggest challenges in finding employment and need to overcome barriers created as a result of their past. 

When considering veterans, it is only right that those who have placed themselves in harms way for the security of UK citizens should be supported to resume their life after service. For many the transition from a very structured culture and day to day military life back to civilian life can be difficult.  

Are there only specific roles which can be offered? 

Any role up to EO grade can be offered and filled by veterans who have a very broad range of specific skills, which lend themselves to a wide range of possible roles across departments. Roles can be based anywhere in England or Wales, with expansion to Scotland on future enhancement plans. 

What support does the Veteran get? 

Their new business area, to help integrate them into their team, department and work area, will support a new starter predominantly. The GFiE team will also offer the individual a ‘buddy’ with whom they can confidentially discuss any matters and seek support through their early days in employment with the civil service. Not all individuals will want a buddy as it will be offered as a personal choice. We may also run cross departmental induction events to help them become more aware of the civil service should a demand arise. 

Vacancies will be promoted on Right Job as they arise, please search under Company Name of “Cabinet Office”. 

If you are interested in this programme but are unable to attend either event, please express your interest in an email to the Employer Relationship Manager – South West, Jo Lucas [email protected], in the first instance.