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CTP Assist

The CTP website has a wealth of resources that you can access and will help you to plan effectively.

All CTP Assist clients are eligible for access to Rightjob immediately after registration. To access your account speak with your Specialist Employment Consultant (SEC) or contact the Central Support Team (CST) on 0121 236 0058 or by email.


myPlan is your personal resource during your resettlement. Use it to plan your transition and track your progress. All your career-related details can be stored in one place and you have access to additional services such as:

  • Your Personal Resettlement Plan
  • Progress Tracker
  • Online Career Assessment tools
  • CV Builder, CV advice and CV examples
  • Best practices advice on Employment, Interviews & Negotiating,
    Networking & Social Media and Career Management
  • Resettlement Guide checklists
  • Save course searches to shortlist for review

Take the time to work through the Resettlement Tools. These have been designed to help define and log your resettlement objectives, update your training activities and action plan.

Your CTP Assist SEC can help you with a starting point of your Personal Resettlement Plan (PRP) through your interactions with them, but you also have the tools online to go through.

The Career Assessment Activities will help you to clarify your career objectives and evidence what you offer to help effectively sell yourself in a CV and at interview.

Take time to familiarise yourself with the other tools available on your myPlan page:

  • Use the CTP CV builder to master the best practices of CV writing. Your CTP Assist SEC is also available to help and advise you on CV writing
  • CTPInterview will help you to improve interview confidence and competence. Practise hundreds of interview questions, from leading hiring managers, against the clock, to build confidence and competence, giving the greatest chance of interview success. Your CTP Assist SEC is also on hand to help with one to one support in preparing for an interview.
  • Use the link to The National Careers Service which is a government body providing information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.

Create a Profile

In order to maximise the benefit that you derive from CTP Rightjob, please take the time to create your profile. As with any job posting website this is particularly important as it will help ensure that you receive notification of appropriate opportunities and events in line with your qualifications, experience and aspirations. By failing to do this you are not taking full advantage of what is available to you and therefore, are certainly going to miss out on some excellent opportunities. Even if you are not quite job ready, you can utilise CTP’s Right Job to help you in researching your local labour market and the types of roles, salaries and industries that are recruiting in the area you wish to settle.

To create your profile simply click on the RighJob tab or search for jobs tab. When the new window opens click on the Profile tab on the top right hand side of the screen and populate information under the respective headings:

  • Personal Information
  • Skills and Preferences
  • Qualifications
  • Career Profile
  • CV’s - You can upload up to 5 CVs. Your CV and your profile will be used by our Employment Consultants to match your skills to suitable jobs.
  • myPlan Activity
For any guidance or support in completing your profile contact your CTP Assist SEC.

LinkedIn & Online Networking

I encourage you to create an account, especially in the current situation as, many employers are informing us of when they are continuing – so follow as many as you can.

For in-depth information on LinkedIn, visit our LinkedIn & Online Networking Resettlement Guide to get the most out of it. Additionally, here is a useful PDF to help guide you in setting up your account.

Give CTP a follow, as well as the RFEA – The forces employment charity. If you aren’t already as they are sharing lots of ideas of how you can continue your job search where possible.


What is the Adjustments Passport?

The Adjustments Passport provides an up-to-date record of the adjustments the Service leaver may need when they move into employment. The passport cannot be passed on to anyone automatically, meaning the Service Leaver has control of the information and who sees it.

Who is eligible?

The Adjustments Passport is aimed at Armed Forces Personnel who need adjustments, with the purpose to aid the Service Personnel who are transitioning into civilian employment, regardless of why they leave service, this will include:

  • Those being medically discharged for reasons which include the need for aids to employment.
  • Those medically discharging for unrelated reasons but who still require aids to employment.
  • Those leaving the service for other reasons (Welfare/Discipline/End of Engagement etc) who may need aids to future employment
To find out more and to gain access to an Adjustments Passport, click here.