Finance for Non-Financial Managers

The aim of this short course is to provide the Service leaver with an all-round and essential understanding of the language of financial management together with the ability and confidence to offer key financial management skills to potential employers in any sector, anywhere at any level. This course is used widely across industry in the UK and overseas to equip management with the commercial awareness that businesses demand.

Next Scheduled Date: 2 Apr 2019

  • Location: CTP Aldershot Training Centre
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Total Cost: £195.00
  • Total Cost Post-October 2018: £195.00
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Why take this course?

This course is designed to prepare Service leavers to understand the financial aspects of any management role they may be applying for. It will assist when at interview where commercial language will be used and an understanding of financial management will be expected.

Is this the right course for me?

If you are looking to start your next career in a management role this course is ideal preparation. It will enable you to understand the basics and provides a foundation on which to improve knowledge of the world of finance.

"The facilitator was absolutely brilliant. Making what can be a dry subject extremely interesting & relevant. Good Job!"

- Course Attendee, April 2017


There are no formal qualifications available on this course.


This short programme is open to anyone at any level who needs or wishes to understand the language of financial management and how it is applied in a civilian organisation. The course is therefore of particular value to potential business managers and executives, administrators, project managers, team leaders, marketing and sales people; in fact anyone who is, or needs to be, business focused and financially aware.

Fees & Funding

  • Course Fee £195.00
  • Total Cost £195.00

Course Content

The course covers:

  • An overview of International Financial Standards
  • Cash vs. Accrual Accounting
  • The key management reports: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Report
  • Using financial ratios to interpret business performance and activity
  • The function and management of Working Capital (Liquidity)
  • Cash vs. Revenue forecasting
  • The language of costs
  • Calculating the break-even point for quantity (output) and revenue
  • Sourcing and managing Capital
  • The increasingly important role of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Career Opportunities

There is no qualification associated with this course but it will prepare Service leavers to enter the world of management.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Scheduled dates and locations

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  • 2 Apr 2019 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
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  • 29 Apr 2019 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
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  • 21 May 2019 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
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  • 24 Jun 2019 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
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  • 9 Jul 2019 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
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  • 6 Aug 2019 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
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