Why book training with CTP?
What is Contract funded training and how do I benefit?
So what is Non-Contract Funded training?
Who can advise me on my vocational training opportunities?
Can I access vocational training once I have discharged?
If I book a course at Aldershot does it include accommodation?
What is a Standby Place and how much is it?
I've got seven weeks resettlement and want to do quite a few courses. What if I want to do my full seven weeks training?
If I don't stay in the transit accommodation where can I stay?
Can I download a course price list?
How do I book a training course?
How do I find out about course availability?
How much money do I get?
How do I choose which course to attend?
How are the training courses charges made up?
Where are the best places to find out about CTP vocational training?
What are the Terms & Conditions for booking a CTP Training course?
Where can I look for vocational training if CTP doesn’t supply it?
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