10 Day APM Project Management (PMQ)

The definitive Project Management course for those seeking employment at a managerial level.

Should further covid-19 measures be put in place, this course may be delivered by virtual classroom. In this case details are attached below regarding IT requirements. 

Next Scheduled Date: 7 Feb 2022

  • Location: RRC Catterick
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Funding:
  • Total Cost: £2,393.17
  • Total Cost Post-October 2021: £2,393.17
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Why take this course?

The definitive Project Management course, based on the Body of Knowledge 7, provides a thorough understanding of all major topics within Project Management. The course is extended to 10 days to cover extra material specifically designed for Service Personnel who have no commercial experience, and thorough exam preparation. You'll gain the understanding of commercial terminology needed to succeed at interview and in a commercial role. 

"This is a very good course and was delivered exceptionally well when I attended .The additional time, which is only available via the CTP (standard course is 5 days) is definitely worth the extra investment. Rather than rush through the course material (and skip some of it) we were able to able to hold some very valuable and interesting discussions, which certainly aided our comprehension of the APM BOK. Highly recommended!"
- Course Attendee

Is this the right course for me?

This course is ideal for Service leavers who are looking at careers in project or general management but who have little of no experience. Service leavers attending this course should be literate and numerate to at least Level 2. 

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APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ).


The course is open to Service leavers who may have some management background but who do not have specific project management experience. It is designed to address gaps in commercial project management knowledge and is ideal for those seeking to work in this area in the future. Attendees should have a minimum level 2 in literacy and numeracy. 

Fees & Funding

  • Course Fee £1,904.77
  • Exam Fee £488.40
  • Total Cost £2,393.17

Fee Information

Exams must be pre booked a minimum of 2 weeks prior to attending the classroom course. 
For exam bookings within 2 weeks of the course, you will need to complete an online proctored exam from home after the course.

Course Content

Attendees will be provided with some essential pre-course study to help prepare for the course.  Training and exam preparation is delivered over a period of 10 days and will be based around the APM Body of Knowledge 7, updated for 2021.
The course Tutor is a professional Project Management Consultant who brings a wealth of commercial knowledge to the course, covering such topics as Risk Management Project Planning Scope Management Time Scheduling and Change Control. 

The subject matter training will be delivered over the first 7 days and the last 3 days will concentrate on exam preparation and completing the final exam/s. This includes many practice questions to become familiar with the style of the exam. For those completing the PFQ exam, this will take place at 09:30 on Thursday of Week 2 followed by revision for the rest of the day, prior to taking the final PMQ exam on the Friday. 

There is an optional fee of £187.20 if attendees wish to sit the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ).

*All delegates must register for the PFQ & PMQ exams 2 weeks prior to course start date to be able to take the exams as paper exams in the last week of the course (Thursday PFQ & Friday PMQ).

Any delegates who register for the course and exam/s after the 2 week cut off period will need to take the exams at a later date as Online remote proctored exams - you will not be able to complete the paper based exam in the classroom.*


Career Opportunities

APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) is a qualification recognised both nationally and internationally, which can be taken from one job to another and across different industries. Relevant job titles include Project Manager, Bid Consultant, Programme Manager, Contract Support Manager and Business Analyst.

10 Day APM Project Management (PMQ)

Scheduled dates and locations

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  • Date Location Availability
  • 10 Jan 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Fully booked
  • 7 Feb 2022 RRC Catterick
    Good Availability
  • 7 Mar 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 16 May 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 6 Jun 2022 RRC Catterick
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  • 18 Jul 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
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  • 5 Sep 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
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