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Resettlement success

Forces: Ex-Royal Navy

Tracey L - Leading Seaman Specialist

“I found the workshop really useful…my understanding of the Job market had been increased and it helped me focus on what I wanted to do.”

Tracey joined the Royal Navy at 17 after passing out at HMS Raleigh, becoming a Seaman Specialist and gaining various qualifications.

After 12 years, Tracey decided it was time to move on. She attended a Career Transition Workshop (CTW) at RRC Plymouth. Her verdict? “I found the workshop really useful and felt confident in the CV I had produced. My understanding of the job market had also increased.”

The workshop culminated in an interview with her Career Consultant. The aim at this stage was to get Tracey a career with the Police. Some people had told Tracey that she didn’t need any assistance, but in the event, she found the workshop and advice invaluable. Tracey decided to do the Potential Police Officers course at the Regional Resettlement Centre in Catterick. In her own words: “This was a fantastic course and I felt thoroughly prepared. We also had Police Officers who were in the Services telling us about their work journeys.”

Unfortunately, due to the timing of the Police recruitment window, Tracey was unable to join the Police then. But she wasn’t down-hearted: “I couldn’t get in at the time I wanted, but thoroughly believe I was well prepared for the whole process and honestly believe I would have been successful.”

Despite that, there was still a very positive outcome. Tracey made use of the job finding service provided by the employment arm of the CTP, the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA), in conjunction with RightJob.
On the Devon & Cornwall Police website, she found a role that interested her: Data Inputter at the Central Data Input Bureau. This also involves dealing with the public over the phone and logging crime reports.

Here’s Tracey’s overall take on her experiences: “I always felt I was in control. I had used everything that was made available to me: the CTW, the Potential Police Officers course and various jobsites, including RightJob.”
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