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Resettlement success

Stuart M
Forces: Army

Stuart M - Corporal

"Even if you don’t feel you have the exact qualifications, your experience and knowledge of your time in the Forces can be far more valuable than any degree!"

Stuart Masterton served for 22 years in the Army. He now works for the Atomic Weapons Aldermaston as a 1st Line Service Desk/ Project Support Engineer and hasn't looked back.

Tell me about your time in the Army?

“I thoroughly enjoyed my 22 years serving in the Army. I played a lot of sports, and represented the Army in Motocross and Endurance racing. My highlight was when I became Army Enduro Champion in 1993. I also represented my Corps in Water polo and Swimming helping to win various high profile events, and playing in many civilian tournaments. Camaraderie was also high on the list, as well as having the opportunity to see different countries and cultures, which is an experience most people can only watch on TV.”

What was your resettlement process like with CTP?

“I attended a Career Transition Workshop (CTW) and felt it was a great way for people to gain knowledge for what life might be like outside the Military. I found the CV writing very helpful, and took some really useful information away to help construct my own CV. I was assigned a Career Consultant to help with my transition. They were really helpful and I took what I needed and was supported on what I asked for. I was quite focused and knew what I wanted to do anyway. They were always checking in to make sure everything was going to plan."

Since you have transitioned into civilian life, what job do you do?

“I have had 3 roles prior to my current one, and all of them were high profile employers. My current role is 1st Line Service Desk/ Project Support Engineer for Atomic Weapons Aldermaston. I am now the Manager responsible for maintaining the assets and maintenance of a National IT System we provide and support, and I manage a team of Engineers that carry out this functionality.

The Forces were very instrumental in teaching me skills in all aspects that I continue to use this day; Project management, resource management, planning, crisis management just to name a few.

The main obstacle I found when settling into this job was confidence. Most military personnel are served and do not openly display ability to perform many tasks or roles. We know we can do the job and do it well, but we don’t brag about it. It appears that if you openly display confidence and ability in the civilian world, you get noticed more.”

What advice would you give to other Service leavers?

“I would offer this one piece of advice: The Military teach us an enormous amount of life-skills without us realising it. Use that, and your knowledge and ability of the job you want to apply for, and show that off to any prospective employer. Even if you don’t feel you have the exact qualifications, your experience and knowledge of your time in the Forces can be far more valuable than any degree!”

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