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Resettlement success

Nathan L
Forces: RAF

Nathan L

After 9 years service with the RAF, Nathan Lees has gone on to develop a successful career with Certas Energy.

"I left the Armed Forces with 9 years’ service in the RAF, and after being based in Cyprus for my last 3 years and meeting my wife I decided it was the right time to leave and pursue a job in civvy street!

"During my time in the RAF I gained all my HGV licenses, ADR and NVQs in loading, fuel bulking and delivery as well as completing an anti-rollover course in a tanker. These qualifications have been invaluable in supporting my move to a civilian role as well as the wealth of experience I accumulated during my 9 years’ service.

"Whilst serving I drove a variety of vehicles which really helped to build up my driving experience, including driving Artic tankers across Europe. I gained invaluable experience training others on driving safely and how to comply with our standard operating procedures. I also had to negotiate with other colleagues at work when difficult tasks needed to be completed, all of which has really helped me especially in my current role as Area Operations Manager.

"Before leaving, I used Graduated Resettlement Time to complete training on the Working Time Directive and Tachographs, which has been really useful for joining Certas Energy (Butler at the time).

"Since joining the company in 2009, I worked as a Driver until April 2010 and was subsequently promoted to a Depot Operations Manager covering Bodmin. I am now an Area Operations Manager in the South West covering Cornwall and South Devon. I have had the opportunity to progress and learn since joining Certas which will continue to aid my progression within the company.

"As a driver I dealt with multiple deliveries of anywhere between 20 to 25 drops per day so the job was extremely busy, testing and every day was different. I got to know my regular customers well and enjoyed meeting new customers on my route. I really felt that as I driver, I was an ambassador for the company and I was responsible for making or breaking sales as my face to face involvement with each customer on my route could generate more sales for the business! Now, as a Manager I have continued my development and continuously look at lean and cost management; we always look for ways to improve how we serve our customers and this includes our internal customers. Any little change at the depot can bring massive improvements so currently I am monitoring our telematics to understand how much we are spending on fuel and if our routes are the most efficient.

"I really enjoy working for Certas; we have a great team spirit at the sites I manage in the South West and I have always had great support from my Senior Management team as well as support from others in the business as and when I need it, which is great! I find our town hall meetings really useful for understanding wider business objectives and performance, as well as our weekly and driver bulletins."
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