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Resettlement success

Kelly M
Forces: Army

Kelly M - Cpt

Kelly Mullane, a former Captain in the British Army, now works as a Deal Manager at Asset Servicing company Northern Trust. Kelly shares her story of transitioning from the Army to the Financial Services and managing a successful career alongside her family.

"Before joining the universe of corporate policies and multiple computer screens, I was in the Army. I served for 7 years and my skills in Arabic language guided my military career. Once I had made the decision to leave, I was put in touch with CTP.

"It was during my resettlement period that I attended a three-day CTP Career Transition Workshop (CTW) designed specifically for Officers. This workshop enabled me to identify and evaluate the skills and qualities I gained during my time in the Army, and taught me how to market myself for potential employers.

I uploaded my CV onto several websites and received a call a few weeks later from a retired Infantry Major who wanted to know whether I was interested in a role in the ‘City’. My first question was ‘which city?! Once I had been thoroughly debriefed, I headed into said City to learn all about the financial industry and how I had ‘transferable’ skills aplenty that these giant conglomerates would lap up in spades. And do you know what? They did! Five roles in three different companies later, a fabulous mentor or two, and now a managerial role within a fast-paced Sales team, I feel that I have come a long way since my days in uniform. It’s been a real journey as they say on X-Factor!

"As a working mum of two, I partake in the endless juggle. I have very little free time – but my firm has agreed to let me work from home every Friday morning and to give me every Friday afternoon off – which means I do actually get to see the kids and I am much happier working hard when I am in the office. I’m still in the minority being a female and I’m often the only woman in the meeting but we are used to that. The industry is also changing very quickly - there are lots of women’s networks discussing how women can break through those glass ceilings, up-to-date corporate policies around flexible working, important business ideas around engaging more females and the need to prepare for the next generations to join us in the workplace.

"To be honest, I’m much the same as any other working mum – I prepare my work outfit the night before (who has time to hunt for that other earring?!), I scrape the food off my collar that my toddler has helpfully thrown at me over breakfast before getting to the office, I’m always surgically connected to my mobile in case school or our childminder calls, I leave the office by 5.30pm latest even though some nights I’ll be working much later that everyone else and I need a ‘mummy pass’ to join in with the office drinks on a Thursday night.

"All that said, I like being a City mum – I always hold on to the fact that although some of these City-types think they’re masters of the universe, they haven’t really experienced much outside this bubble of a world – and I’ve definitely got one or two up on them there and so have you!"

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