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Resettlement success

John W
Forces: Ex-Army

John W - Lieutenant Colonel

“Have a goal and have a plan to achieve it.”

Ex- Lieutenant Colonel John W left the Army in November 2013, having served for 33 years, with his most recent role as Commandant at the Army School of Recruiting.

On his resettlement, John says that the CTP website was “useful for getting my thoughts and priorities organised ready for transition into civilian life.” With his end goal already in mind, John used his resettlement grant to part fund a one year PGCE teaching qualification course via the University of Buckingham, and now works as a teacher at Chafyn Grove School in Salisbury. He says that he found the job via networking with a personal contact, and went through a very informal interview process.

John says that as well as full-time teaching, his position also involves “sport coaching and extra-curricular activities, and a willingness to volunteer and get involved above and beyond the contracted minimum.”

He adds that the role requires “instructional, man-management, disciplinary and organisational skills”, and cites his military experience in instructing, training and Human Resources as most useful.

John says that he initially had to get used to “being the new kid on the block (at the same time as being one of the older ones!)” but is now well settled into the role, and advises other Service leavers to simply, “have a goal and have a plan to achieve it.”
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