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Resettlement success

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Barclays - Barclays

Barclays offer placements in a number of their business sectors to enable Service leavers to experience working in the finance sector...

“Barclays worked with the CTP to identify and attract suitable Service leavers to attend pilot military work placements. To date, the military work placements have been a great success and the Barclays network continue to embrace the opportunity to support military personnel. 

Service leavers completing the placements build their confidence in employment opportunities outside of the military and reinforce skills and competencies taught previously, whilst additionally developing different approaches to delivering business in a commercial setting. One Service leaver said, “Barclays gave us financial training to understand the issues, risks and opportunities involved in lending and working with businesses – invaluable to anyone entering the world of business from the Armed Forces.”

It is Barclays’ intention to continue to offer placements in the future - industrialising the number of opportunities and locations available to support the Service leaver!”

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