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Resettlement success

Forces: Royal Air Force

Adam E - SAC

“Don’t be afraid to apply for roles, you would be surprised how much of the military experience you’ve gained is transferable."

Ex-SAC(T) Adam Ellis served 4 and a half years with the Royal Air Force, before deciding that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Since February 2016 he works for the Metropolitan Police as a Application Support Analyst.

Tell me about your time in the RAF?

“I served in the RAF for 4 and a half years and really enjoyed being part of the ‘RAF Family’ and the camaraderie that came with it. It was only towards the last year serving that the deployment commitments and living away from home affected me. I missed home and that was the key factor in my leaving.”

What was your resettlement process like with CTP?

“Unfortunately due to being on a state of ‘readiness to deploy’ leading up to my exit date from the RAF I wasn’t able to attend the CTW or any courses. I was assigned a Career Consultant throughout my transition, and I appreciated their phone calls and emails to check up on me and continue their support until I had found employment.”

Since you have transitioned into civilian life, what job do you do?

“I work as an Application Support Analyst for the Metropolitan Police Service. I got the job because one of my previous colleagues in the RAF was working as a contractor for the Met Police and informed me of more contract opportunities that were available. I applied and successfully gained a contract as a Service Desk Analyst. While contracting, permanent staff opportunities became available and I applied for the role of Application Support Analyst. The interview process was relatively straightforward. There was a comprehensive application form to fill out, and the interview closely followed the areas detailed in the form. In the interview I was asked for scenarios where I used my technical knowledge. I was comfortable in this part of the process due to wealth of experience that the military provided.

A large part of my role as an Application Support Analyst is to understand the applications the users use and solve any issues/problems users have. I also assist in maintaining, updating the applications from the front and back end (IIS etc.)

I gained vast amounts of IT experience from my time in the RAF, especially when deployed. It was while I was deployed that I fully utilised my knowledge of servers, networks and customer service to help looking after a large user base in a high pressure environment. My time in the RAF did provide me with some valuable skills and experiences that have been easily transferable to ‘Civvie Street’.

What advice would you give to other Service leavers?

“Don’t be afraid to apply for roles, you would be surprised how much of the military experience you’ve gained is transferable. Also utilise the time before leaving wisely by undertaking courses and enquiring about other work, because some application processes for some jobs can take a few months to complete.”

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