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Spouse Employment Support Trial

A new employment support trial for Service spouses is being delivered by CTP on behalf of the MOD. The purpose of the trial is to help support eligible spouses in finding employment that matches their skills, knowledge and experience, and that meets their aspirations and ability.

Joint Forces Command (JFC) will conduct a trial in Cyprus for eligible Cyprus-based spouses and AIR Command will conduct a UK trial for eligible UK-based RAF spouses at selected units. These are the only MOD spouse-employment support trials being conducted and will inform future decision-making.

The trials will involve limited numbers, and formal applications can be submitted from spouses based at the selected locations.

Initial points of contact for the trials are:

JFC Cyprus Trial: JETS Academy ESA via the chief clerk

Tel: 003572596 3633

AIR Command UK trial: Head of RAF HIVE

Tel: 0044 (0) 1494 493 229

Please use the contact details above for any queries.

Please note, the terms ‘spouse’ and ‘civil partner’ are interchangeable when described here. For reasons of clarity, the term ‘spouse’ is used throughout, but ‘civil partner’ may also be used in its place.

>> Full enabling policy is published in an update to JSP 534, which can be downloaded here.