Management of Risk

Gain an understanding of the impact of risk within an organisation and learn how to consider and manage risk when making business decisions.

*Please be aware this course is available as a classroom based course and also delivered online by  Virtual Classroom Technology on specific dates*

Further details and technical requirements for attending any Virtual classroom dates for this course can be found in the 'Supporting Documents' section below. 

Next Scheduled Date: 13 Dec 2021

  • Location: RC Portsmouth
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Funding:
  • Total Cost: £1,364.51
  • Total Cost Post-October 2021: £1,364.51
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Why take this course?

Prepare for a future commercial management role by understanding how organisations identify, assess and control risks, and learn how to implement a framework to assess risk when making any business decisions.

Understanding risk is an essential part of many management roles and this recognised qualification will help you gain the terminology around risk management and may give you the edge when applying for a future position.

Is this the right course for me?

This is an ideal course for general management roles and for anyone considering specialising in risk management. 

This is an intensive course, and attendees will be required to complete approximately 10 hours of pre-course online reading, as well as 2 hours per night evening study during the course to consolidate learning and practice exam style questions.


Management of Risk Foundation
Management of Risk Practitioner


There are no specific eligibility requirements for attending this course, however Service leavers would be expected to have some knowledge or experience in general or operational management roles or project management.

Attendees must have passed the Foundation stage exam prior to sitting the Practitioner exam on the final day of the course.

The MoR Practitioner Certification is valid for 5 years

Fees & Funding

  • Course Fee £872.51
  • Exam Fee £492.00
  • Total Cost £1,364.51

Course Content

M_o_R is a methodology which provides a framework by which Managers can make an informed assessment of the risk factors to business decisions that are made. The training is designed to consider risk from different levels:

Strategic, Programme, Project and Operational Management.

Attendees will learn the principles of MoR which are essential for developing good risk management practices in a business, along with the approach they should take in adopting these principles to fit the organisation,  and the process of ensuring risks in an organisation are identified, assessed and controlled. Having put a risk plan in place, course attendees will learn how to implement risk procedures ensuring they are consistently applied throughout an organisation and regularly reviewed.

The course will be a mix of theory and hands on practical exercises to ensure that attendees are confident in their ability to put this framework into practice within the workplace.  They will also gain an understanding of the vocabulary around risk in the workplace, which will be of benefit when attending interviews. 


Course Content:


Understand what a risk is and why and when we should do risk management and how Risk management is part of Corporate Governance & Internal Control.

M_o_R Principles

M_o_R principles are essential for the development and maintenance of good risk management. They are intended to guide an organisation to develop its own approach to meet their specific needs.

  • Aligns with objectives
  • Fits the context
  • Engages stakeholders
  • Provides clear guidance
  • Informs decision making
  • Facilitates continual improvement
  • Creates a supportive culture
  • Achieves measurable value

M_o_R Approach

The way an organisation implements the principles are described in their approach documents and support documentation:

  • Risk Management Policy
  • Process Guide
  • Strategies
  • Risk Register
  • Issue Register
  • Risk Improvement Plan
  • Risk Response plan
  • Risk Reports
  • Risk Communication plan

M_o_R Process

The M_o_R Process is divided into four main steps of:

  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Implement

Focusing on the goals and tasks of each steps, the inputs needed to carry out the step, the outputs produced and the various techniques that may be applied.

M_o_R Perspectives

The way in which the principles, approach and process are applied will vary according to the perspective in which they being carried out.

  • Strategic
  • Programme
  • Project
  • Operational

Embedding and Reviewing M_o_R

Embedding and Reviewing M_o_R looks at the need to embed Risk management into the culture and the how this can be achieved through regular reviews and improvements.

  • Embedding the principles
  • Changing the culture for risk management
  • Measuring the value of risk management
  • Overcoming common process barriers
  • Identifying and establishing opportunities for change
  • Health check
  • Risk management maturity model

M_o_R Foundation Exam

One hour closed book, 75 Multiple choice questions.

50% pass mark

M_o_R Practitioner Exam

Three hour open book. 4 questions, one for each perspective, each with 20 marks per question. Pass mark 50%

Attendees will receive comprehensive study materials by post in advance of the course. 

Course Manuals  for Overseas Service Leavers - Due to the size and weight of course manuals and other reading materials, all Service leavers attending virtual training from overseas will be emailed electronic copies of materials in advance of the course. It would be helpful if you have dual screens to refer to these during the course. Please note that due to copyright, these materials cannot be printed. If you would prefer course materials to be posted, this can be arranged at an additional cost of £40. Please advise CBIC staff if you require posted materials.

Career Opportunities

A search of Risk Management on mainstream job sites will show a wide range of opportunities which all require a knowledge of how to manage risk in certain situations. 

This training is particularly suitable for the following:

  • Risk Manager
  • Executive Management
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Quality / Compliance Manager
  • Operational Resilience / Business Continuity roles
  • Change Manager


Management of Risk

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