Drone Piloting Level 4 Diploma

The qualification gained is: ProQual Level 4 Diploma in Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Commercial Operations. This course provides the necessary qualification to apply for certification from the Civil Aviation Authority. 

*Please be aware that due to the Covid-19 restrictions on Social Distancing, this course will be delivered by blended learning. Pre course will be undertaken online as normal, the ground School element (2 days) will be completed by Virtual Classroom using Microsoft Teams and students will then attend 3 days for flight training and assessment on location in Stafford*

Next Scheduled Date: 6 Jul 2022

  • Location: Stafford
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Funding:
  • Total Cost: £2,475.00
  • Total Cost Post-October 2022: £2,475.60
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Why take this course?

This course is for anyone who would like to fly Drones (or Unmanned Aerial Systems) either as a hobby or commercially.  This course provides the training and qualification required to apply for both the A2 Certificate of Competence and the GVC which are the certificate of competence required to operate drones in UK Airspace (please note that the cost for this is NOT covered within the course fees).

Revised regulations are now effective from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which replace the PFCO, which includes two new levels of certification for pilots. A2 Certificate of Competence and the GVC (General View line of sight Certificate). The qualification gained from this course will ensure that pilots can apply for the range of certifications available from the CAA.

All equipment, including drones are provided during this course.

Is this the right course for me?

This course is suitable for anyone, current hobbyists, those with Military UAV experience or complete beginners. All pre course support is provided by distance learning and drones are provided during the course for training and testing.

For further information on Unmanned Aircraft and Drones regulations please visit: https://www.caa.co.uk/Consumers/Unmanned-aircraft-and-drones/

Please also see the 'Drone Certification Information sheet' at the bottom of this page.


ProQual Level 4 Diploma in Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Commercial Operations


Whilst there are no specific entry requirements for this course, those who have drone flight experience will have an advantage. As the course is a Level 4 Diploma attendees should be numerate and literate to at least Level 2 and expect to work hard in order to gain the qualification.

*Please note* You will be registered for the online element of the course once payment has been received in full. The cost for this (£300.00) is within the course price and is non-refundable once registered. It can be transferred to a later date.

Fees & Funding

  • Course Fee £2,475.00
  • Total Cost £2,475.00

Course Content

The course is split into three modules:


  • Distance Learning Pre-Course (20 hours)
  • 2 Days virtual classrooms (Ground School)
  • 3 Days flight training, on site at our associates premises in Stafford
  • Development of the required Operations Manual after the course


Ground School learning is completed both during pre-course and also during the virtual classroom and covers the following subjects:


Unit 1 – Ground School modules (Delivered via online and virtual class)

•         Air Law

•         Air Space

•         Meteorology

•         Aircraft Systems

•         Airmanship

•         Human Performance & Limitations

•         Principles of Flight

•         Navigation

•         Charting


Unit 2 – Ground School Modules (Delivered via online and virtual class)

•         Aircraft Operations and Procedures

•         Flight Planning

•         Risk Management


Unit 3 - Practical Flight Training and Assessment (onsite training)

•         Use of commercial UAV equipment

•         Safe and Effective flying technique

•         How to practice with purpose

•         Pre Flight checklists

•         The four phases of flight


Unit 4 – Advanced Practical Flight Training (onsite training)

•         Safe and effective flying techniques

•         Indoor/outdoor confined space flight training

•         Practical Night flying – thermal camera training


Unit 5 – Advanced Practical Flight Training and Operation Manual Development (virtual class, on site and at home post course)

•         Planning and building an operations manual


Assessment of the ProQual Level 4 Diploma in Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Commercial Operations:

•         Multiple Choice examination (50 questions, 60 minutes duration with a required

          75% pass mark)

•         Practical Flight Assessment (Pre-flight checks and briefing, 20 minute flight,

          post flight debriefing)

•         Submission of the Operations Manual within 12 weeks of completing the



Please note that payment is required as soon as possible after booking and registration for the Online learning can only be done once payment has been received. The £300 fee for the Online learning is non-refundable, should you choose to cancel the course, it may be transferred to a later date though.

Career Opportunities

There are a large number of current and emerging sectors using Drones for inspection of installations, surveying, videography/photography and engineering where salaries range from £25,000pa to £50,000pa depending on the role, location and tasks.  Many Commercial Drone operators are self-employed, where rates can range from £500 - £1000 per day. It is also an excellent opportunity for those seeking part time or contract work.

Job Titles include (Not Exhaustive):

  • Aerial Photographer
  • Engineering/Rail/Civils Surveyor
  • Drone Operator

Drone Piloting Level 4 Diploma

Scheduled dates and locations

Here are the next available dates. To check availability or to book a place contact
  • Date Location Availability
  • 6 Jul 2022 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 3 Aug 2022 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 7 Sep 2022 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 5 Oct 2022 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 2 Nov 2022 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 1 Feb 2023 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 1 Mar 2023 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 5 Apr 2023 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 3 May 2023 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 7 Jun 2023 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 5 Jul 2023 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 2 Aug 2023 Stafford
    Good Availability
  • 6 Sep 2023 Stafford
    Good Availability
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