Director Development Programme

The Director Development Programme Accelerator (DDP) is an established and high-quality training course, designed to support and provide leaders with the knowledge and skills needed, to become a high performing director; preparing you for the demands and challenges that are faced every day.


This course is non accredited, however, it provides the essential learning for the Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors, certified by the University of Chester. Please see the certification information sheet below.

Next Scheduled Date: 25 Jul 2022

  • Location: RC Northolt
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Funding:
    Contract Funded
  • Course Fee: 5 Days IRTC (£133.50)
  • Course Fee
    Post-October 2022:

    5 Days IRTC (£133.50)
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Why take this course?

This is an excellent course, providing commercial knowledge of strategic direction. It will give you a detailed understanding and up-to-date knowledge of the role of the director and the board, leadership, corporate strategy, finance and crucial organisational governance.

Is this the right course for me?

If you have experience at the most senior levels within the military, delivering strategic projects and operations and wish to pursue a career at a similar level after discharging from the UK Armed Forces, then this Director Development course would benefit you.


In house digital certification


Those applying to attend this director development course must have demonstrable experience at the most senior levels within the Armed Forces. Anyone wishing to book this course must have completed the pre-booking assessment, only those deemed suitable from the assessment will be eligible to book a place on this course. 

Fees & Funding

  • Course Fee 5 Days IRTC (£133.50)

Course Content

This course provides the essential learning to achieve the Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors from the University of Chester. You may choose to complete the PG Cert, which is available with our associate provider. Full information on how to complete this can be found in the Certification Information sheet at the bottom of this page.


Delivered over a 5-day period, this course covers 5 subject areas, one per day. The detail of these subject areas are:


The role of the Company Director and the Board

  • Director duties as defined in the Companies Act 2006
  • Corporate and ethical governance
  • Risk management in the current climate
  • Offering both challenge and support in the boardroom and managing


  • Considering on-going legislative changes


Finance for Non-Finance Directors

  • The key financial reports and metrics of a business, including cash flow,

    balance sheet, and profit & loss / income statements

  • How to interpret the financial information from a non-financial perspective
  • Understanding accounting principles and standards
  • Methods that can be used by finance directors to create financial information

    that is non-financial friendly, including financial ratios

  • Understanding the relationships between a company’s financial stakeholders

    and its directors / business owners

  • Recognising the signs of a failing company
  • How to rely on, and gain the most from the finance function


The Director’s role in leading and managing an organisation

  • Self-awareness in leadership and 21st century leadership practice
  • Developing an inquisitive mind-set and leading organisational change and


  • Managing performance and measuring progress
  • Influencing a positive culture in the workplace through effective, responsible,

    and sustainable leadership

  • Managing diverse and inter-dependent teams
  • Developing soft skills for performance (coaching and mentoring) and developing effective teams and resilience in the workforce


The Directors’ role in strategy

  • Understanding differences between strategic and operational thinking
  • Strategic business planning concepts
  • Designing and managing a process for successful organisational change
  • Defining the business environment and influential factors
  • Reviewing a range of strategic leadership and management theories to inform best practice


The Director’s role in strategic marketing

  • Deriving value and market share from research and insights
  • Developing a brand and ‘the universal truth’
  • The purchasing and decision-making process
  • Public affairs and stakeholder communications
  • Digital and social marketing

Career Opportunities

Those who complete the Director Development Programme will have gained the knowledge and skills to seek many different new and exciting career options such as:

• Account Director
• Area Director
• Associate Director
• Business Development Director
• Commercial Director
• Director of Strategy, Policy and Communications
• Director of Academic Engagement
• Director of Incident Management and Operational Security
• Director of People, Culture and Organisational Development
• Director of Risk, Compliance and Business Support Services

Director Development Programme

Scheduled dates and locations

Here are the next available dates. To check availability or to book a place contact
  • Date Location Availability
  • 25 Jul 2022 RC Northolt
    Good Availability
  • 7 Nov 2022 RC Northolt
    Good Availability
  • 13 Mar 2023 RC Northolt
    Good Availability
  • 12 Jun 2023 RC Northolt
    Good Availability
  • 11 Sep 2023 RC Northolt
    Good Availability
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