CompTIA Network+ and Security+

An ideal course for anyone looking to progress a career in IT as a Network Technician or IT Security Professional.

Next Scheduled Date: 10 Oct 2022

  • Location: CTP Aldershot Training Centre
  • Duration: 15 Days
  • Funding:
    Contract Funded
  • Course Fee: 15 Days IRTC (£400.50)
  • Exam Fee: £280.80
  • Course Fee
    Post-October 2022:

    15 Days IRTC (£400.50)
  • Exam Fee Post-October 2022: £280.80
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Why take this course?

This CTP delivered CompTIA Network+ and Security+ course will give you a window into the ever expanding world of IT networking and IT network security. The course will expose you to an in-depth look at today’s networking hardware, software and current industry best practices. The course has been designed and tailored in a bespoke way to meet the demands of you, the Service leaver. A focus on ‘learn-by-doing’ and ‘hands-on’ has been applied throughout the course along with clear and concise fundamental theory.

Is this the right course for me?

This course is perfect for anyone who already has some previous experience in IT or has a keen interest to learn new skills. It is also an ideal step up from the CompTIA A+ course also delivered by the CTP.

Many previous Service leavers have started with little or no formal training and succeeded in gaining both qualifications and worthwhile employment.




CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+


The course is open to all Service leavers; however, potential students should be aware that this is an advanced computing course and IS NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS.

Service leavers should ideally have taken and passed both A+ Certification exams or have equivalent knowledge and experience. 

Fees & Funding

  • Course Fee 15 Days IRTC (£400.50)
  • Exam Fee £280.80

Course Content

The CompTIA Network+ and Security+ (NS+) course is a journey through the evolution of today’s networks and IT security best practices. The course will not just show you how to pass an exam but ready you for the workplace and show you the day-to-day skills needed of a network/security administrator.

Delivered at the RTC in Aldershot within one of our specialist IT ‘Labs’. The labs are full of hardware and software for a ‘hands-on’ and ‘learn-by-doing’ approach, blended with traditional theory – although there are presentations this course is not death-by-PowerPoint®!

The syllabus of both the Network+ and Security+ are covered across 15 instructor led days. Week one concentrates on networking fundamentals moving into weeks two and three that cover IT security. You will cover topics such as;

  • OSI / TCP/IP Models
  • Binary and Hexadecimal
  • Virtualisation and Virtual Machines
  • Ethernet and Switching Fundamentals
  • Spanning Tree, Virtual LANs and Link Aggregation
  • Static and Dynamic IP routing protocols
  • IP Sub-netting techniques and methods
  • General IT Security concepts
  • Fault-tolerance and redundancy
  • Appliance Firewalls and Proxies
  • Footprinting / Fingerprinting and Port scanning techniques
  • Common attack methods and mitigation such as DoS, DDoS and MITM
  • Network security monitoring, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
  • Authentication and Access Control
  • Cryptography including hashing, symmetric and asymmetric encryption
  • Wireless networks and common Wireless attacks

All training material will be provided throughout the course. You will be given two CompTIA authorised exam study guides for Network+ and Security+.

Once on the course and after your attendance if required, you will be able to apply to purchase discounted CompTIA exam vouchers for the Network+ and the Security+. These vouchers will allow you to book and sit the required exams at one of the many PearsonVue test sites around the country.

The choice of which exam(s) and when to take them is up to you the individual. Most students succeed by creating a study and revision plan in the few weeks after the course and have very successful pass rates. Your instructor will be able to guide you through the process and also give you any support needed after the course via email if required.

Below are just a few of the great testimonials and feedbacks we have received from previous students.

“The delivery of the course (instructor, facilities, equipment and infrastructure) were superb.”

“I had some experience of networking, but this course built on my knowledge, especially in Security. I feel happy to apply for work in this field.”

“Excellent course with brilliant, concise direction. Very enjoyable!”

“Really great course, well delivered and interesting throughout.”

“Very comprehensive course with a focus on practical learning. Can’t fault it!”

Career Opportunities

This course is ideal for roles such as Network Specialists, Network Administrators, Network Support Engineers, Security Consultants, Security Administrators, IT Project managers and InfoSec Professionals.

CompTIA Network+ and Security+

Scheduled dates and locations

Here are the next available dates. To check availability or to book a place contact
  • Date Location Availability
  • 4 Jul 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Fully booked
  • 1 Aug 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Fully booked
  • 12 Sep 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Fully booked
  • 10 Oct 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Reserve spaces available
  • 7 Nov 2022 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 9 Jan 2023 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 20 Feb 2023 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 20 Mar 2023 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 17 Apr 2023 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 5 Jun 2023 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 3 Jul 2023 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
  • 11 Sep 2023 CTP Aldershot Training Centre
    Good Availability
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