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The resettlement services delivered by the CTP focus very much on supporting Service leavers through the transition of leaving the Armed Forces whether that comes after just a few years’ Service or a full career spanning over 20 years. The majority of those leaving the Forces enter the civilian employment market, some take time out to study and some simply retire. Whatever your chosen pathway when you leave, there are other important factors to consider too such as looking for a home, locating schools for children, organising your finances, right down to registering with a doctor and a dentist.

Other Resettlement Guides in this section of our website go some way to providing information and follow on links to help with these factors. The Army however have developed and deliver a dedicated Transition process within the UK to actively establish links with local authorities and service providers covering the five pillars of transition:

  • Health
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Welfare
Through these links they are able to offer advice, help and support in the area you choose to settle and relating to the topics of the five pillars. They also hold Transition Fairs and Living and Working in… Events around the UK which bring these organisations together under one roof to offer advice and help on how to address the issues in these areas that you may be experiencing, particularly if you are relocating back to your home base or somewhere completely new.

The CTP is proud to support the Army with bridging this important step in the transition process and at times you may see a Transition Fair incorporated within a CTP Employment Fair. This means you have all the support you could need under one roof to help you and your family as you prepare to move on from military to civilian life. And whilst the Army are responsible for creating the Transition process, the advice and support on offer is of course applicable to all leavers of the Armed Force, regardless of which single Service you represent.

Click here to view the Army Transition Newsletter.


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