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State Benefits for Ex-Armed Forces Personnel

This resettlement topic will help you find out more about State Benefits, including:

  • What benefits exist
  • Eligibility
  • Benefits for those being medically discharged
  • Where to find further information and advice
  • Some frequently asked questions on the topic

You will also find details on some additional benefits and discount schemes for service and ex service personnel.

There are a range of benefits covering many areas such as Housing, Welfare and Disability, and these benefits are managed through organisations such as the Department for Work & Pensions, HM Revenue & Customs, and local authorities.

The Government Spending Review in 2010 will result in many changes to the Benefits system over the next few years. These include a proposal for a new Universal Credit to replace all benefits and tax credits to anyone of working age. An Enterprise Credit will also be introduced to help people who are unemployed to set up their own business.

Claiming Benefits

Advice on claiming benefits can be obtained from a number of sources, for example:

Directgov – This Government website provides a wealth of information on the full range of benefits that can be claimed, and has links and contact details for further advice or to apply. Directgov also has an online Benefits Advisor which can provide information on the benefits you may be entitled to claim. You will need to enter some details on your personal circumstances in order to get an accurate assessment of benefits you may be entitled to.

The Benefit Enquiry Line will provide advice on the full range of benefits available, and eligibility for these. The telephone number is 0800 882 200.

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau can provide guidance on the full range of benefits through their regional offices, telephone helpline, and the online information service.

For those in Scotland, the Armed Forces Advice Project, which is operated by the Citizens Advice Bureau, can provide advice and guidance on benefits. The telephone number is 0845 231 0300.

The MOD website has a link to benefits which may be relevant for service personnel.

Service Charities

Various Service charities such as The Royal British Legion (RBL) and Service Personnel & Veterans Agency (SPVA) also offer serving and ex service personnel advice on a range of state benefits and concessions. The SPVA also manage the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme for anyone who has suffered illness, injury or death as a result of Service from 6 April 2005.

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