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Registering with a Doctor or Dentist


You should research your local area fully in terms of what health services are available. Many types of council provide lists of GP surgeries that you can then contact directly and obtain registration forms as new patients. Your new surgery will often ask you to attend for an initial discussion/meeting with a doctor and to ensure all medical details are entered on their records system, in addition to making arrangements for any repeat prescription medication of scheduled medical reviews which you as an individual may require. Full details are available on the NHS UK website.


There are a range of options to obtain dental services and you should research your local area, the local council websites often provide lists of dental practices and you can obtain contact details for them via this route. Alternatively you can check whether dentists are registered by logging onto the British Dental Association website and selecting “find a dentist”. The options for NHS dental services have changed, but you should always ask your dentist whether they are still accepting NHS patients and if not, what arrangements they have in place with private dental insurance firms. Each practice is often linked with a particular preferred provider.