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Interview Success Webinar

For further information, to check availability or to book your provisional place contact the managing centre. Tel: 0203 162 4410

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Start date: 14th May 2021
Start time: 12:00:00
End time: 13:30:00
Duration: 1 day
Location: CTP - Online
Managing centre: RRC Webinar

Enjoy the benefits of a CTP follow-on workshop from the comfort of your own home or office, thus saving you some of your valuable Graduated Resettlement Time. It is suggested that this follow-on webinar is completed in your last 4 months of service to get maximum benefit, due to it being a refresh of topics covered in the CTW.

This webinar offers you a fully interactive 1.5 hour workshop designed to refresh and enhance the aspects of interview best practice covered on the Career Transition or the Employment Support Workshops.

This includes:
  • Purpose of an interview
  • Types of interview
  • Preparation
  • Questions
  • Negotiation
All you need is a computer/tablet or phone for the visuals and a means of dialling into the audio element. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the event. It is all about participating, engaging and learning off your peers as well as receiving timely advice from our experienced facilitators.

Please note:You will need to ensure that your computer/tablet/phone will be able to run the Webex software or App prior to attending the event, details will be in the joining instructions. Unfortunately, Webex is not compatible with DII.

All dates & locations for this workshop  
May 2021 | RRC Webinar 
Date: 27th May 2021    Location: CTP - Online

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June 2021 | RRC Webinar 
Date: 11th June 2021    Location: CTP - Online

Date: 25th June 2021    Location: CTP - Online

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July 2021 | RRC Webinar 
Date: 9th July 2021    Location: CTP - Online

Date: 26th July 2021    Location: CTP - Online

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August 2021 | RRC Webinar 
Date: 6th August 2021    Location: CTP - Online

Date: 16th August 2021    Location: CTP - Online

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September 2021 | RRC Webinar 
Date: 10th September 2021    Location: CTP - Online

Date: 24th September 2021    Location: CTP - Online

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October 2021 | RRC Webinar 
Date: 8th October 2021    Location: CTP - Online

Date: 25th October 2021    Location: CTP - Online

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November 2021 | RRC Webinar 
Date: 12th November 2021    Location: CTP - Online

Date: 22nd November 2021    Location: CTP - Online

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December 2021 | RRC Webinar 
Date: 3rd December 2021    Location: CTP - Online

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