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Approaching the Market

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Start date: 13th July 2022
Start time: 10:00:00
End time: 11:30:00
Duration: 1 day
Location: CTP - Online
Managing centre: RRC Webinar

Course Content 
So, are you ready to launch? How do you find that ideal job? Where do you look? Who do you ask? What strategies can you put in place?

We explore the different routes to market, the importance of networking and help you adopt the right marketing approach to your job search.

This 90 minute webinar gives you the tools to plan your campaign, take action and explore different avenues.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Research and refine possible options and opportunities
  • Understand the importance of market research in the job search process and the resources and research methods for gathering and analysing market information
  • Look at the key routes to market –reactive and proactive
  • Develop effective strategies to exploit these routes to the job market
  • Organise your job search and use efficient record keeping systems
  • Adopt a marketing approach in taking your offering to market

Please note: you will need to ensure that your computer/tablet/phone will be able to run the Teams software or App prior to attending the event. Some Firewalls may prevent easy access to the online platform, so please check your settings.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the event. It is all about participating, engaging and learning from each other as well as receiving timely advice from our experienced facilitators.

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