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NEBOSH General Certificate

For further information, to check availability or to book your provisional place contact the Course Booking and Information Centre (CBIC) on: Tel: Civ: (02894) 456200 Mil: (9491) 56200

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Start date: 14th November 2016
Location: CTP Aldershot Training Centre
Duration: 15 days
Managing centre: CBIC

Aim of the Course 
Recommended for managers, supervisors and staff from all types of organisations who need a broad understanding of health and safety issues. The certificate helps them manage risks effectively. Many people take the NEBOSH National General Certificate as a first step in a career in health and safety. It provides a valuable overview and is a sound basis for further professional study. Holders of the National General Certificate are entitled to Associate Membership (AIOSH) of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Course Content 

The NEBOSH National General Certificate covers the main legal requirements for health and safety in the UK, identification and control of workplace hazards, and the practical application of this knowledge. No previous health and safety knowledge is required but candidates should note the assessment includes a requirement to write a short report.

The qualification is divided into three units, each of which is assessed separately:

1. Management of Health and Safety (NGC1) including:
  • Foundations in health and safety
  • Health and safety management systems - Plan
  • Health and safety management systems - Do
  • Health and safety management systems - Check
  • Health and safety management systems - Act.
2. Controlling workplace hazards (GC2) including:
  • Workplace hazards and risk control
  • Transport hazards and risk control
  • Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control
  • Work equipment hazards and risk control
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire safety
  • Chemical and biological health hazards and risk control
  • Physical and psychlogical health hazards and risk control.
3. Health and safety practical application (GC3):
  • This is the practical assessment.

Qualifications Awarded 

NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate has been accredited and credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). It sits in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at SCQF Level 6 with 15 SCQF credit points.

Employment Opportunities 
This most recognised qualification is ideal for positions requiring first line management responsibility for Health and Safety. Opportunities are growing in the UK with some regional variances
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All dates & locations for this course  

The next scheduled date can be found at the top of this page. To check availability or to book a place contact Civ: 028 94456200 or Mil: 9491 56200.

January 2017 
Date: 9th January 2017    Location: CTP Aldershot Training Centre

Date: 30th January 2017    Location: RRC Catterick

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March 2017 
Date: 6th March 2017    Location: CTP Aldershot Training Centre

Date: 20th March 2017    Location: RRC Cottesmore

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May 2017 
Date: 8th May 2017    Location: RRC Rosyth

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June 2017 
Date: 5th June 2017    Location: CTP Aldershot Training Centre

Date: 12th June 2017    Location: RRC Catterick

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July 2017 
Date: 24th July 2017    Location: RRC Cottesmore

Date: 31st July 2017    Location: CTP Aldershot Training Centre

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September 2017 
Date: 4th September 2017    Location: RRC Rosyth

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Right Management reserves the right to cancel and/or amend course dates, times, contents and venues as listed on this website. Every effort will be made to give the Service leaver as much notice as possible and a reasonable course alternative or alternatives may be suggested, if possible. If this is not possible or the alternative(s) is/are not acceptable to the Service leaver, Right Management, who deliver all non-contract courses listed, may refund in full the total amount paid to date for non-contract funded courses, or, in the case of MOD Contract Funded courses, in agreement with the MOD, the Service leavers IRTC grant will not be notionally reduced.
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The course is open to all Service personnel, but is particularly suitable for those with supervisory experience or responsibilities in a Health and Safety environment. Students must be qualified to at least level 2 in order to be able to cope with the course content and requirement for the learner to meet the standard of responses required in the examinations.

Course fees
This course is delivered by Right Management and sits outside the MOD contract-funded training programme and therefore, Service leavers are required to fund the course before attendance. The fees to be paid direct to the Course Booking & Information Centre in advance as soon as possible after course booking or your place maybe re-allocated. Payment to be made by credit/debit card over the phone.


If you are using Enhanced Learning Credits the provider name for the Claim Authorisation Note is Right Management Ltd 1208. Once you have received your confirmation email from ELCAS authorising your CAN, please forward it to along with your payment in advance as soon as possible after course booking or your place maybe re-allocated. It will not be accepted on the first day.

CTP offers a range of NEBOSH courses to suit an individual’s employment needs. These individual courses can be combined as required and put on one ELCAS Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) as permitted by MOD policy. This has TESRR approval for those in resettlement. .

For all funding advice please speak to your SRA.

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