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Enterprise and Self-Employment

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Aim of the Course 
The aim of this course is to provide Service Leavers (SL) who intend to start up their own businesses specific training to enable them to launch and sustain it. It is delivered in association with X-Forces which is a social enterprise specialising in training and supporting self-employed Service leavers and others in the Service community.

Course Content 

  • What it is to be an entrepreneur - fact and misconceptions.
  • Helping the individual understand themselves and what their personality and characteristics mean for setting up a business. This can include delivery, managing stress, preferences in the way an individual operates.
  • In-depth analysis of the business plan, to enable individuals to understand their business in context. A key part of this is ensuring appropriate challenge.
  •  Marketing from market research, and understanding the market and competitors through to how to market oneself effectively. This would include segmentation, competitor analysis and social media.
  • Money and finance. This is covered in an accessible, interactive way – enabling individuals to understand what to consider and how to apply it and risk mitigation.
  • Networking, Connections and Support.
  • Legal aspects. This covers various points from intellectual property to legal set-ups for starting a business.
  • Sustainability. This includes on-going client management and client acquisition, building out and developing a business plan over time.
  • Growth and how to manage it. This includes taking on an employee.

                  Further Support Post Attendance 
                  Access to value-add opportunities for individuals who are able to re-engage at their point of need. There is a range of events, networking opportunities and on-going support available

                  Qualifications Awarded 
                  This course is non-accredited.

                  Employment Opportunities 
                  Designed specifically for Service leavers going into self-employment and business start-up.

                  Right Management reserves the right to cancel and/or amend course dates, times, contents and venues as listed on this website. Every effort will be made to give the Service leaver as much notice as possible and a reasonable course alternative or alternatives may be suggested, if possible. If this is not possible or the alternative(s) is/are not acceptable to the Service leaver, Right Management, who deliver all non-contract courses listed, may refund in full the total amount paid to date for non-contract funded courses, or, in the case of MOD Contract Funded courses, in agreement with the MOD, the Service leavers IRTC grant will not be notionally reduced.