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Reservist Employment Support Trial

A new employment support trial for Reservists is being delivered by CTP on behalf of the MOD. The purpose of the trial is to help support unemployed Reservists in finding employment that matches their skills, knowledge and experience, and that meets their aspirations and ability.

The Tri-Service trial will be launched on 16th May 2016 and run for two years initially. All RMR and RAuxAF units will be included from the trial start date. Army Reserve units will be phased in by Regional Brigades commencing at the trial start date. The specific phasing details will be communicated by the Army through its chain of command.

Who is Eligible?

 Unemployed RNR and RMR Trained Reservists
 All Unemployed Group A Phase 1 Trained Reservists
 Unemployed RAuxAF Trained Reservists

Eligibility is for unemployed trained Reservists only, but is further extended to those in the following categories:

  • Those volunteer trained reservists in the categories shown in the table above who are under a redundancy notice.
  • FTRS personnel who do not qualify for the normal Core Resettlement Programme (i.e. less than 6 years FTRS service) if they remain in the Volunteer Reserve on completion of their FTRS contract.
  • ADC personnel if they remain in the Volunteer Reserve on completion of their ADC contract.
  • Volunteer reservists who are unable to return to their normal civilian employment owing to an attributable injury or illness caused during, or as a result of, their duty reservist employment.

A trained Reservist is defined as one who has passed Phase 1 training for trial eligibility purposes.

Support will be provided for up to 1,200 places for each year of the trial. These places have been allocated as follows:


How do I apply?

Applications will be made through nominated Reserve Unit points of contact. Each Service will issue further instructions on which appointments will cover this role within their reserve units.

Full details of MOD Policy and Registration Forms for the Reservist Employment Support Trial are contained in Section 11 of JSP 534.