Career Transition Partnership

Applying for Preferred Supplier Status


This application form has been designed to provide the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) with the information required to assess your company’s suitability to gain Preferred Supplier status in the provision of training to people leaving the Armed Forces as part of their resettlement. It is essential that the information you provide is accurate.

This application form must be completed fully in English. Information supplied must be current and accurate. CTP reserve the right to refuse to consider applications if the submitted application form is not fully completed or found to be inaccurate.

All information or documents submitted in response to the application must relate to the Applicant only.

You can, at any time, move backwards and forwards through the form (using the “Back” and “Next” buttons) and amend your answers. Please note if you move forward, text entered on the page will be saved, however, if you move back without having gone forward a page, the text will be lost. If you wish to exit the form and return to it another time to complete, click on the ‘Save & Exit’ link. An email with login details will be sent to you automatically for you to log back in at a convenient time. CTP will not accept liability for any costs or expenses incurred by applicants in completing this application.


All required fields must be completed and no information will be sent to us until you click on the “Submit” button on the last page of the form.

Completion of this application form, or being granted Preferred Supplier status, does not guarantee any commitment to take-up of the training that is on offer.